Equus Software and Vialto Partners launch new strategic agreement

The alliance between the leading technology and service platforms will enhance how companies manage their mobile workforce and drive global mobility transformation.

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Equus Software, a market-leader in global workforce mobility technology, and Vialto Partners, a leading independent provider of services supporting cross-border employee mobility, have announced a strategic alliance around their technology and services for the delivery of all assignment and mobility types to the global workforce mobility industry.The agreement will provide companies worldwide with agile, innovative solutions that drive value for talent mobility programmes.

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Supporting strategic and compliant global mobility transformation

The combination of Equus’ technology for workforce mobility and Vialto’s global service capabilities will create better reporting, transparency and thought leadership, while unlocking end-to-end productivity gains for employees and programme managers. With international work on the rise, ever-changing cross-border regulations, and increasing global business demands, global mobility teams must continuously evolve their programmes to keep pace with disruption.The Equus-Vialto partnership will accelerate the pace at which clients can innovate and transform.   

Driving ROI and enhancing employee experience

“Vialto has established itself as the frontrunner in the global mobility space and we seek alliances with only the most innovative companies that will drive value for the organisations we serve,” said Leo Palazzuoli, Chief Clients & Markets Officer, Vialto Partners.“A technology leader such as Equus is critical to addressing the needs of our client base to reduce cost, create efficiency and streamline the assignee/employee experience. This alliance will help organisations optimise the full spectrum of technology and services to deliver the best solutions to their mobile workforce.”“The Equus-Vialto alliance is a powerful combination,” Tyler Reynolds, Equus President, said: “In this strategic agreement, we are able to better support our clients with agile and innovative solutions to drive more value and ROI for their programmes.” 

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