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Our Winter issue is packed with insights as employers around the world support their people to move forward with focus into 2022. Read the articles below, or access the digital issue.

Peter Moolan Feroze: Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons, Peter Moolan Feroze

Think Global People Winter Issue 2022
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Editor’s letter

As one year draws to an end and another begins, I have been thinking about the seasons and the cycles in our working lives.I was looking for an image that represents change and new beginnings and contacted artist Peter Moolan-Feroze who shares this artwork for our cover, as we transition into a new year. What does this picture mean to you? How does it represent the ups and downs of your professional working life and what do the colours and forms mean to you in your personal life? Where is the figure going to or coming from and why are they there? How does this picture make you feel? Do get in touch if you would like to share your thoughts or join us in the creative process of exploring new beginnings.Some of you will have worked with Peter at one of our events or the Festival of Global People. We are looking forward to him joining us again in 2022 to work with our community to unlock creativity and innovation and inspire us to work more collaboratively, to solve problems using the power of drawing and painting.The Think Global People Awards are open for entries, in February and we look forward to hearing about your achievements and ambitions for the future as we reflect on the importance of wellbeing across all areas of global business and the people at the heart of their success. On 9 June, we will hold a Gala Awards Ceremony & Lunch combined with bite sized interactions with international thought leaders and entrepreneurs from across dynamic industry sectors in our Future of Work taster in a Festival setting.Our Hot Top, in this issue, explores the challenges of remote working and what this means for working practices, mobility, employees, retention and productivity.We celebrate the findings of our latest Schools’ Fair and introduce insights from Ruth Van Reken to bridge the work done on in the education sector with around transitions care and Third Culture Kids today with the international management world.There will be plenty to explore in 2022.Fiona Murchie

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In this issue:

Remote working: Are the positives of global mobility unravelling? - David SapstedFlexibility in mobility policy design - Dr Sue ShortlandGoing for growth: People, purpose and collaboration - Ruth HolmesDreaming of life as a non-domicile? - Helen Cuthbert, director, Menzies LLPCIPD ACE21: Rewriting the rule book - Ruth HolmesCross-cultural families and third culture kids - Interview profile with Ruth Van RekenFinding your path in the world with ISKL - Jeff Farrington, High School Principal, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)Curriculum choice in international schools: a world of options - Ruth Holmes reportsInternational family transitions in a post-Covid world - Insights from Aleka Bilan, Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN)International early-learning: a great start - Melodi Jordan, Head of Lower School TASIS The American School in England and author Carmen Powell, author and education professionalIntroducing global citizenship in early-years with a really good read - Carmen Powell author and education A new virtual world for learning differences: The Lab School - Amy Oswalt, Head of Global Division & Director of Innovation interviewedVirtual School: Real results - Featuring Mark O’Donoghue, CEO and Executive Head, King’s InterHighDemystifying international school admissions - Ruth HolmesThink Global People Awards: spotlight on wellbeing
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