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Think Global Women

How to transform women’s careers through allyship - Marianne Curphey

A toolkit to empower women and boost career prospects - Marianne Curphey

Deconstructing the glass ceiling - Marianne Curphey

Men stepping forward - Marianne Curphey

Gender equality and allyship: actions to inspire inclusion in the workplace - Marianne Curphey

Global Mobility

Managing migration: a global challenge - David Sapsted

Rainbow families: a neglected area in global mobility - Sue Shortland

Split-family and fly-in, fly-out expatriation: practical support - Sue Shortland

Permits Foundation news update

Financial wellbeing: how employers can help staff to thrive - Marianne Curphey

ESG and sustainability agenda: 2024’s priorities - Marianne Curphey

Talent for growth: innovation, skills and AI - Ledetta Asfa-Wossen


A class act: education of the future - Sally Robinson

Learning without limits: How flexible schooling sets mobilie students up for success - King's InterHigh

Educating for the future: tomorrow’s students today - Professor Deborah Eyre  

Get set for summer - Sally Robinson

AI in education - Ledetta Asfa-Wossen


Harnessing AI for best-in-class performance management - Marianne Curphey / Stuart Hearn

Cultivating a mindset of wellbeing and optimal performance - Marianne Curphey/LaBarron Burwell

Combining leadership skills with business acumen - Marianne Curphey / Emma Loisel

Effective leadership strategies - Marianne Curphey / Angus MacGregor

Pay and rewards: a high-performance approach - Ruth Holmes / Duncan Brown

UK 'Growth Budget' leaves businesses unimpressed - David Sapsted

Explore more education news from the March International Education and Schools' Fair.

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