UK introduces new immigration rules

International managers, HR, global mobility expertise, entreprenuers, business travellers and offshore workers could be impacted by new immigration laws being introduced by the UK Home Office this year.

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Law firm Brodies has issued a video update on recently implemented and upcoming changes to immigration rules by the UK Government.These include the introduction of changes to sponsor guidance and impact a wide spectrum of immigration categories, including the creation of a new Innovator Founder visa.

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What are the latest UK immigration changes?

In a video immigration update with Elaine McIlroy, partner at Brodies, and Erin Mc Lafferty, associate at Brodies, the changes are explained with an overview of the key changes employers should be aware of.These include:
  • updates to the Skilled Worker route, including changes to the minimum salary requirements and the reporting of hybrid working arrangements with sponsored employees
  • updates for those who engage Offshore workers from overseas, including new reporting obligations for UK employers
  • the closure of the Innovator and Start-Up routes and the new Innovator Founder visa which opened on 13 April 2023
  • the expansion of the Youth Mobility Scheme and the introduction of the Electronic Travel Authorisation scheme.

Skilled Worker route an option for international graduates?

The webinar also covered the potential impact for employers of the changes for Student visas announced at the end of May, which followed news of the UK's net migration figures."The UK government, having published one of the highest net migration figures we've ever had, have decided to put some restrictions in place in terms of international students being able to bring family members with them under their student visas," explains Elaine McIlroy. "Those changes are likely to be introduced from January next year."In terms of how that impacts employers, it might mean fewer international students coming to the UK if they've got a choice of places to go. Also, those individuals in the past if they could bring their family members with them during their student visa, they were then able to stay with them during their graduate route visa if they decided to stay in the UK and work."If those family members are not able to come into the UK under the period of the student visa, they won't now be able to stay for the duration of their graduate route visa. We're anticipating more of those students might want to be sponsored under the Skilled Worker route as soon as they've finished their studies. An added perk of the Skilled Worker route is that they can have their families with them."Watch the full video from Brodies here

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