Smart, Safe, Sustainable: 3 tips to help corporates travel with confidence

While the demand for travel is returning, there’s no doubt that remobilisation during recent global events requires a holistic approach in order to successfully rebound and build a sustainable future. Particularly in light of the fact that U.S. Travelers are more concerned about costs than covid for the first time since the pandemic, which makes sense with record high inflation, soaring energy prices and now a potential food crisisIf travel is to reach the predicted 38% increase in 2022, it needs to adopt seamless, safe and sustainable travel protocols. From planning all the way to arrival, the global mobility sector will expect a smarter travel experience.

Here are three top tips for corporates to consider:

Enhancing guest experience with technology-first solutionsThe need for tech-first solutions in the corporate travel market has been long overdue. 1.3 million people are set to travel for work every week, so if corporates are to lean back into international travel, technology is key to bolstering sector-wide confidence. However, this can’t be achieved in a vacuum.With 89% of hospitality operators already investing in technology in 2021, it’s clear tomorrow’s traveller wants more from their trips. Larger spaces and properties with WFH-ready amenities, safety & security and accessibility features are just some of the recurring requests that are now a must have for many. Whilst businesses want to spend half the time travelling, they are now looking to double their experience. All-encompassing online platforms are fast becoming a go-to portal for reaching this travel utopia.In contrast to legacy GDS systems, all-in-one interfaces allow for corporate travellers to access a broader range of efficient resources that aggregate rich content from the supply chain faster, to enhance customer satisfaction. For example AltoVita has created new sustainability and safety features (in partnership with Breezeway) to enrich its content and offer more choice when it comes to global mobility.Value the vetting process to boost safety and securitySafety and security are taking a newfound meaning in 2022, one that lies at the heart of the corporate travel agenda. With 62% of travelers citing concerns over the conflict in Ukraine, the focus on security is stronger than ever. This is not to say that corporate travel has to be avoided, in fact, travel expenditure is set to soar to 1.7 trillion by the end of the year. Instead, corporates ought to be supported by end-to-end processes, which can be provided by bespoke technology platforms, to ensure that demand is matched with a duty of care.While as consumers we’re all used to using providers like AirBnb, the global mobility sector needs more from a booking experience, where the supply chain is seamlessly connected in order to maximise guest experience, safety and security through a range of different vetting and verification stages. Quality control procedures are redefining the legacy processes that have previously dominated the corporate travel market. Using a multi-layered vetting approach guarantees that operators can deliver hospitality services that have the right management protocols. Conducting proprietary pre-inspections or checking off an exhaustive list of questions that have to be answered by operators before listing, eliminates the scope for booking issues and ensures that operators can be proactive in handling issues.Providing scalable infrastructure that is tied to a digitally driven multi-layered property verification system, not only gives corporate travellers peace of mind but also ensures that employees are protected from booking to arrival. Traveling with confidence is right at your fingertips, within just a few clicks.So, with holistic measures in place, safety and security no longer have to take the back seat when it comes to corporate travel. Prioritising security is the new north star to navigating quality assurance, compliance, and duty of care. However, without the seamless integration of cloud technology, safety certificates, or safety-reviewed evidence, travel will be compromised.Empower corporates with ease through a filtered approachWhen the right technology is in place, it’s just as easy to make a sustainable choice as it is to make a standard one. However, without real sustainable practice behind it, the corporate travel industry will remain an arbitrator of corporate greenwashing.Combining smart and safe solutions can help bridge this gap between corporate travel and sustainability. With 87% of travellers becoming more travel conscious, all-in-one platforms now offer an easy route to making the more mindful decision. Implementing a wide selection of sustainable practices driven by modular filter technology will ensure that corporates can easily find accommodation that aligns with their personal and company-wide ESG goals.If corporates are to engage in real environmental change, accommodation choice is important. This is where sustainable solutions play a pivotal role. Opting for solutions that provide safety and sustainable filter options can influence industry change and encourage individual environmental responsibility. Equally, other features like geotagging technology, which AltoVita has recently added to its platform, can be leveraged to promote sustainable travel and eliminate the risk of industry-wide greenwashing.Using filtered content systems also offers an effective way to empower local communities wherever you relocate, with recycling, and carbon emissions per property tools. Ultimately, this will help to futureproof the global mobility sector long-term too.

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