UK teachers lead overseas job searches

The number of Britons eyeing jobs abroad has surged over the past year, according to new research.

teachers teaching
An analysis of Google Search data by the overseas jobs agency, Anywork Anywhere, found that by far the highest number of searches was for overseas teaching positions.   

The total of teaching searches stood at 271,680 over the year to last month, representing a year-on-year increase of 30%.

Commenting on the findings, Forbes reported: "The economic and bureaucratic troubles of Covid-19 put paid to many aspiring jobseekers abroad. However, with most countries now opening up for tourism and foreign business travellers, dreams of global careers may now awake from their suspension."

Across all sectors, UK searches for ‘work abroad’ increased by 56% over the 12 months, with positions in Dubai generating the most inquiries - 1,072,080, constituting an annual rise of 83 per cent.

Canada proved the second most popular nation with 821,280 searches over the 12 months, followed by Australia with 742,080.

“It’s interesting to see such a huge increase in searches for jobs abroad. Teaching jobs are becoming increasingly popular, with an increase of 30% in the last 12 months, while at the same time, there also seems to be a growing demand for nursing, engineering, and hospitality jobs," said Anywork Anywhere.

“There has also been a huge growth in searches for jobs in Dubai, where there is no income tax on salaries or wages paid, suggesting Brits are looking to take advantage of these benefits.”

Searches for jobs in hotels recorded the second highest number of searches (33,840), followed by nursing (22,560) and almost 20,000 in engineering.

"Interestingly," the report added, "searches related to ‘jobs in construction’ have increased by a staggering 133% year-on-year, while jobs in engineering are the fourth most searched for career abroad, along with electrician jobs, which received 19,680 annual searches."

Most job searches by country (year-on-year change; total annual searches):    
  • Dubai: 83%; 1,072,080
  • Canada: 52%; 821,280
  • Australia: 50%; 742,080
  • Spain: 23%; 498,720
  • USA: 22%; 424,680
  • Italy: -18%; 343,800
  • New Zealand: 26%; 337,200
  • Germany: 0%; 276,000
  • France: 19%; 275,640
  • Thailand: 69%; 190,560

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