LGBTQI+ and diversity

A summary of the latest research into the role of LGBT & diversity research summary in international assignments and relocation is now available as part of Relocate’s new Global Mobility Toolkit. Download your free copy.

LGBT diversity factsheet
Global Mobility Toolkit Diversity Inclusion 2019 Research Summary 2
Research Summary 2: LGBTQ & Diversity
}The third factsheet in the Diversity and Inclusion series is now available. This Research Summary by Dr Susan Shortland looks at LGBTQ+ expatriates and explores the implications for talent management. It covers the barriers and challenges to diversity management and examines the employers’ duty of care. Guidance is given on support interventions.

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Whether you are an HR practitioner, global mobility specialist, work in talent management or recruitment or manage an international team this Factsheet will provide a structure to explore how your organisation can start to meet the needs of LGBTQ employees and support talent and retention.

Also in the Diversity and Inclusion series:

Coming soon:

  • Non-traditional assignments and family expatriation
  • Raising the profile of assignment diversity
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