Winners Announced: Think Global People Awards 2022

Destination service provider of the year


  • Becomelocal 
  • Century 21 Affiliated Chicago Operations
  • Elite Woodhams Relocation
  • Formula Group
  • IKAN Relocation Services India
  • NYC Navigator
  • PerchPeek
  • Relo Network Asia

This award recognises quality and professionalism in the provision of destination services operated by service suppliers that focus on a specific country or at local or global level.

Entrants need to demonstrate excellence in delivering core DSP services, including orientation, home search, settling-in and departures, and any other subsidiary services they may offer, such as immigration, school search, partner support or cultural awareness.

Entrants may, for example, demonstrate how technology/social media are used to advance communications and report on processes and systems used to improve the relocation experience.

They should highlight innovations in response to changing requirements, such as new world of work, flexibility and working from home, relocation policy, value change across global mobility, disrupters, supply chains changes, industry sector developments, property trends, new markets and/or new locations.

Case studies that showcase special projects or group move support are welcome.

Entrants must have:

  • Highlighted how your entry is inspirational and why you should win this award category
  • Demonstrated a people centred approach and the importance of wellbeing
  • Explained how an exceptional quality and personalised mobility experience is provided and to whom it applies
  • Demonstrated a responsive, resource-efficient and cost-effective service, showing how value is added to the mobility experience
  • Showed how you manage your own people so that they demonstrate commitment, engagement and passion in service delivery

Entrants should have indicated:

  • Details of how they use technology and/or digital and social media to communicate with corporate clients, assignees and their families, and others in the supply chain
  • Proof of consistently high standards and customer satisfaction, such as client and customer feedback forms and/or testimonials
  • New talent management and recruitment drivers from corporate clients
  • Highlight a project or case study as appropriate
  • Proof of their ability to lead, manage and communicate exceptionally well, both internally and externally, with clients and other providers
  • Whether they belong to a network of destination services providers, and how they collaborate to offer wider services or cover multiple locations
  • The size of their organisation: 1–24 employees, 25-49 employees, 50–99 employees or 100+ employees

The judges looked for proof of consistently high standards and excellent service – for example, customer/client testimonials, feedback forms and/or survey results.

Subject to sufficient breadth of entries, we will subdivide this category to reward different types and size of DSPs or regions. 

Who can enter?

Individuals and companies. Entrants can be based anywhere in the world, but entries must be in English.

Any supplier organisation or team.

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