Relocate Awards Gala Dinner

Relocate Gala Awards Dinner

The 2018 Relocate Gala Awards Dinner attracted over 200 guests to the Underglobe at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London to celebrate this year's best performances in HR and global mobility.

Creativity in action

It would be easy to think that last year's Relocate Awards at the Science Museum were hard to beat for sheer creativity, innovation and a truly spectacular venue. However, last night's ceremony was a resounding success, with the bar being raised even higher.

"I hear that last year's awards were held in very impressive location [the Science Museum]," said Rohit Kumah, of Ikan Relocation. "But this year, the venue is excellent. In India, we grew up being taught Shakespeare at school, and it really does raise the spirits which is very good for tonight's celebrations. It really is thinking out of the box and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year!"

With a performance of As You Like It going on above, the stunning subterranean venue rolled out the red carpet for award winners past, present and potential, representing every aspect of global mobility and all corners of the globe, quite literally.

Celebrating future opportunities

"It's very exciting to celebrate an industry that looks to the future in this – an iconic venue," said Sylvie Froger of Simply London Relocation, shortlisted in the Best Family Support category. "This theatre is known as the people's theatre, and this industry is about people, so it's a great choice."

The evening's master of ceremonies greeted guests in a fittingly dramatic style, inviting them to "make merry" as they met friends and colleagues before the winners of the Relocate Awards were announced against the backdrop of the Shakespeare's Globe exhibition.

The 'playful' nature of the setting and the intimate circular ballroom lent itself perfectly to conversation and networking, which Relocate Global seeks always to foster and encourage through its purpose of connecting people and sectors.

Networking and recognising achievement

"It's amazing to see everyone come out at the Relocate Awards," said Colin Fernandez of London-based Arlington House Apartments. "What's really good is to be able to put a face to the name of people we interact with on a daily basis. This is the best time for everyone to enjoy the fruits of their labour and to admire everyone's hard work and see their achievements recognised."

Also impressed by the sheer scale and spectacle of the event was Dr Sue Shortland, one of the judges for this year's Relocate Awards. "This is such an well-attended event and in such a novel location, which really lends itself well to these celebrations. To win, or not to win? That is the question many here are asking!"

Andreas Piacentini, co-founder of the Res Forum, which sponsored the first Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion with its Learning Lab, said, "The venue is outstanding. Everything: the food, the entertainment, has been excellent. It has been a great concept and also great to see all the relocation industry together in one room."

Inviting guests to the sit-down meal – and before a brief theatrical interlude, Hamlet in Four Minutes scene-setter – Fiona Murchie, Relocate Global's managing editor, formally welcomed guests to the Awards, acknowledging this has been both a challenging and exciting year for the sector. "But the point of it is to celebrate success across global mobility and HR, and how we are building and growing businesses globally, and creating a better future for the next generation."

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