Winners Announced: Think Global People Awards 2022

Excellence in technology or analytics


  • AltoVita
  • BiCortex Languages
  • Formula Group
  • Global Mobility Solutions
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
  • Icon Relocation
  • ReloQuest
  • Synergy
  • Tracker Software Technologies
  • Weichert Workforce Mobility


This award recognises new digital technology, data analytics or AI application excellence in the context of relocation, international business, people management or education.

What we asked for:

Tell us how you are accelerating innovation in your organisation. How are you using an application of emerging technologies? From cloud and 5G to artificial intelligence, how does your innovation fit into the thriving tech echo system across global mobility, HR and people management, business travel or education. Do you have a new learning and development platform or solution? Tell us about emerging or transformative tech in your industry sector that is supporting international growth and your organisation’s business agenda.

How are your technology and digital initiatives supporting your leadership team in areas such as skills, diversity, talent management, financial services, health and wellbeing or climate, environmental and sustainability programmes? We want to know about innovation that drives efficiency and supports governance and compliance responsibilities or climate and environmental initiatives.

Entrants must have:

  • Highlighted how your entry/technology is inspirational and new and why you should win this award category
  • Provided links to demo the technology or short video (2-5 mins max)
  • Explained the importance of the technology or innovation and to whom it applies
  • Demonstrated a responsive, resource-efficient and cost-effective service/product, showing how value is added to the mobility, business or education experience
  • Showed how you manage your own people so that they demonstrate commitment, engagement and passion in service delivery, and the importance of wellbeing

The judges looked for proof of a new innovation or application of the technology – for example, customer/client testimonials, feedback forms and/or survey results.

The judges assessed the effectiveness of the product or service and how relocation organisations, HR or management teams have used the technology innovatively to benefit the recipient organisation and customers/users.

Shortlisted entrants may be invited to demonstrate the technology remotely in April.

Who could enter?

Global mobility, HR, leadership teams, education sector and supplier organisations  

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