Don’t rely on luck when choosing a moving partner

Jesse van Sas, secretary general of FIDI Global Alliance and sponsor of the Best International Removals Provider award, explains the value of the FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) quality programme.

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The increasing need for compliance in the mobility supply chain is a constant concern for any global mobility professional. The easy answer to this need is certification by a reputable third party audit firm.

Ensuring a smooth relocation

Sending an employee abroad, or moving your own life to a different country, is sure to be stressful. Like all adventures in life, expatriation can be risky, but also highly rewarding and fulfilling. Preparation and planning are likely to increase your chances of success. The deciding factor, however, is your support network and how you can trust them, particularly in the field of compliance and quality.After all, as a global mobility professional, any new or existing provider has to go through your due diligence process, to make sure they comply with all the requirements your procurement policy imposes on you. Are they well protected from data breaches? Do they have their own supply chain well under control? Are they a well-established and legal company? This due diligence is a time-consuming task, with little to no guarantees for a good outcome. Unless, of course, you get the assistance of an external auditor, doing exactly what you would be doing, on a global scale: verifying whether the quality and compliance your provider claims is justified.One trusted assurance is the FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) quality programme. FAIM is a certificate granted to moving companies that have gone through a rigorous quality check, including a comprehensive audit by the independent advisory firm EY. FAIM is thus a worldwide common standard for managing and performing international moving services. But what does it mean for your relocation projects? And what qualities should you look for when choosing a moving company?
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Quality first

The FAIM quality label is developed and overseen by FIDI Global Alliance, a global federation representing more than 600 moving companies in over 100 countries.As a condition to gain FIDI membership, applicants undergo an independent auditing process by an EY auditor on-site. EY apply the same rigorous standards to all FIDI Affiliates across the globe. The on-site auditor checks whether all facilities and equipment are clean, well maintained and compliant with up-to-date security rules.The audit is repeated every three years to ensure that all FIDI Affiliates maintain the FAIM Quality Standard. Additionally, FAIM requires companies to provide evidence that they have performed an internal audit when they do not have an on-site audit scheduled.FAIM also verifies that moving companies follow the right processes – both at the origin and at the destination, as well as during transportation. All FAIM certified relocation companies must follow a strict set of requirements for example for the following: 
  • Pre-move survey
  • A reliable quote
  • Shipping/transportation
  • Customs guidance
  • Storage
  • Delivery
  • Insurance
  • Quality procedure documentation and communication

Highly trained staff

The on-site auditor verifies that the operational staff and packers have the appropriate training and experience to handle intercontinental moves. Move files covering the three years before the audit are examined carefully – from the first moment of communication to delivery and invoicing.In addition, the auditor checks the risk mitigation and data protection procedures. That includes Anti-Bribery and Corruption and Data (Privacy) Protection. This is particularly important in respect of GDPR requirements effective from May 2018.

Accurate assessment and fair pricing

FAIM certified movers can accurately assess your household goods and advise you on what to ship and what to leave behind. By recommending a volume or weight band that suits your needs, a FAIM-certified mover can help you make the best use of your budget and avoid hidden costs at the end of your relocation.

Clear KPIs reduce your risk

The FAIM framework includes KPIs that help corporate buyers and global mobility professionals make a fast and meaningful comparison between prospective suppliers. By relying on experienced relocation partners, you can minimise the chances of expensive mistakes.For more information on FAIM, please visit FIDI’s website on Global Alliance are sponsors of Relocate's Best International Removals Provider award. Find out who won, the prestigious Relocate Awards 2018, celebrate best practice and network at the Relocate Awards Gala Dinner on 10 May. Book here.
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