PiVT launches partnership with NYC Navigator to support employee social well-being for people on the move

Pivt and NYC Navigator have entered into a strategic partnership to improve social support for relocated employees and their families.

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Pivt is the first mobility-focused social networking app provided to relocated employees as a wellness benefit, designed to improve the social well-being of employees on the move, increase retention, and help usher in the era of business without borders. Within the app, users can connect with other relocated individuals and their families, as well as gain access to community experts for local resources and recommendations. With Pivt, individuals and families are able to prepare, plan, and be welcomed into their new community long before, during, and after relocating – because no one should feel alone in a place they call home.NYC Navigator supports relocation needs for employees living, working, and thriving in the New York City Metro area. Much like Pivt, NYC Navigator serves as an advocate to “Recreate Home,” which they do through high touch destination services, social events, and partnering with innovative solutions like Pivt. Both companies aim to provide a fluid transition to relocated individuals, while also offering an all-in-one digital space from the time they begin their move to when they’ve transitioned to their new home.“We are so excited to be partnering with Brenda and NYC Navigator," notes Pivt CEO Lynn Greenberg."They do such a fantastic job of cultivating community and recreating the feeling of home for employees and their families. We look forward to partnering with them to add a digital component to this.” Brenda Levis, President of NYC Navigator, agrees, saying,“NYC Navigator is thrilled to be forming an innovative, collaborative partnership with Lynn and her brilliant team at Pivt! By combining our live social events, and Pivt’s digital community, we will be offering unprecedented social support for relocating employees and their families, creating a tremendous benefit for both the employee and employer.”By combining Pivt and NYC Navigator, the industry is getting one step closer towards supporting more employees’ mental and social health during what can be an incredibly stressful life event - relocating.
About Pivt: Companies spend roughly $90k to relocate an employee to a new city, but nearly ⅓ quit within a year of moving, because the employee or their family fails to integrate socially into the new location. This accounts for billions in losses to corporations and creates immeasurable stress to employees and their families. Pivt is the first mobile app designed to reduce turnover and improve the wellbeing of relocated, remote, and mobile employees. Pivt cultivates a social network with other mobile employees and families to share trusted advice, regional information, and make social plans. Pivt partners with employers and relocation service providers to support employees and their families on the move and specializes in making anywhere feel like home.About NYC Navigator: NYC Navigator is an internationally recognized, award-winning, women-owned, Destination Services Provider based in New York City. At NYC Navigator, the greatest reward is to walk alongside our transferees, helping them settle into their new dwelling and community; providing familiarity and useful information to feel at home in their new location.

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