Relocation policy design and review process factsheet

A factsheet on the process of relocation policy design and review is now available as part of Relocate’s new Global Mobility Toolkit. Download your free copy.

Global Mobility Toolkit: Relocation Policy design process
The first components in Relocate Global’s new online mobility toolkit, which provides information, practical advice and support for HR, global mobility managers and global teams operating overseas, are now available to download. 
Download the global mobility toolkit factsheet
    The content of the Process of Relocation Policy Design and Review factsheet – part of the Relocation Policy Design and Review Toolkit – includes:
  • When to undertake policy design/review
  • Key drivers and future-proofing
  • Benchmarking
  • Consultation and communication
  • Approval, launch and policy evaluation
  • Useful contacts
  • Further reading/information
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When to undertake policy design/review

Organisations new to mobility seldom have a formalised, written policy. However, once the numbers being relocated reach a critical mass, a policy is required to ensure equity, transparency and cost control.For organisations with a policy, review is required when the existing arrangements no longer meet organisational needs – for example:
  • When there is a change in strategic direction, such as globalisation into new markets
  • When there is significant expansion in existing locations
  • When increased flexibility in mobility is necessary
  • When cost containment is required owing to economic imperatives
  • When a revised approach to – or increased emphasis on – talent management and career development is expressed 
Major international developments, such as the UK’s exit from the UK (Brexit), can result in significant organisational change. This can also trigger policy design/review as managerial focus homes in on compliance (immigration, tax, and social security, for example). See our factsheet Principles of Relocation Policy Design and Review.

Key drivers and future-proofing

The process of designing or reviewing policy must reflect key drivers of organisational change. HR and global mobility professionals should ensure that the process addresses:
  • Current/future locations of operation 
  • Current/future mobile personnel required – For instance, senior, middle or junior management, graduate trainees, specialised skillsets
  • Current/future assignment types/transfers required – For instance, out-and-back foreign assignments, permanent transfers, self-initiated mobility, short-term, commuter or rotational working, international business travel
  • Known/proposed organisational change – New projects, new countries of operation, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, group moves
  • Known/planned mobility drivers – Mobility may be required to fill skills gaps, complete/manage projects, train/develop local staff, develop relocatees as future global leaders, or spearhead growth in newly industrialising countries/challenging locations
By being responsive to planned organisational change and transition, policy design/review can create policy fit for the future. To achieve this, analysis of the current mobility profile provides a helpful starting point. It is useful to explore:
  • Who is being moved currently? – Age and family profiles, levels of experience, diversity
  • Where are the main movements of personnel taking place? – Large volumes into key locations, or a more disparate picture?
  • From where are the relocations managed? – Head office, regional office, local level
  • How does existing HR policy support relocation? – Are HR policies linked into mobility policy?
  • What is the role of third-party service suppliers in implementing policy?
  • How successful is existing policy/practice in supporting mobility? – Are assignments rejected? If so why? How are successful transfers defined?
  • Will any of these issues change going forward? – If so, why and how?
Download the global mobility toolkit factsheet

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