Reputation and reward key to recruitment

Employees have high expectations of their future employers. Job seekers expect excellent staff incentives, hybrid working options, generous annual leave and robust sustainability policies, strengthening the link between ESG and DEI.

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This is according to analysis from CareerWallet, a recruitment and employment technology company that processes up to 10 million jobs daily.
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What employees want

In this heated job market, the biggest red flags for potential employees, who are doing more research now before applying, are bad reviews online (46%).Almost a third (32%) would also not apply for a role at a firm in a morally dubious industry such as betting or tobacco/vaping.Other findings include:
  • 42% of job seekers would not apply for a role at a firm that did not offer excellent staff incentives and benefits 
  • 44% were put off by a lack of annual leave
  • one in five workers would refuse to apply for a role in a company that didn’t have a sustainability policy.

Potential employees do their due diligence

The study also shows the amount of research potential employees do before applying, as well as what is important to them.“Our national employee survey has highlighted the detailed process employees go through before applying for roles, with many researching companies online and rightly demanding a lot from their next employer including exceptional benefits and sustainability policies,” commented Craig Bines, CEO at The CareerWallet Group.“As the skill shortage increases, employees are in a stronger position than ever, which means employers will need to continue to offer the very best to attract the best talent.”
This article is included in the  Autumn issue of Think Global People magazine (5831k) .

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