Best online schooling for expatriate families

Discover why online schooling is proving to be a real solution for relocating families, employers with an international assignee population and the relocation professionals supporting their move.

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You will gain insights from InterHigh - the UK’s leading online school founded over 16 years’ ago. InterHigh offers Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form British education online and caters to all students (UK or international) from age 7 – 19.We cover a range of topics to demystify online school and make education decision making easier for international families and talented young people pursuing their passions:
  1. Is online school a trend and how does it fit into a general shift towards more online interactions across work and business?
  2. What does a good online school look like? What does excellent look like?
  3. Why does this matter for relocating families and the organisations that work with them?
  4. How does transition and onboarding work?
  5. See for yourself how a classroom actually works
  6. What does community mean and how do you foster community in a virtual setting?
BiosProfessor Sara de Freitas, Executive Director, InterHigh
Professor Sara de Freitas is a leading international educator in school, college and university settings. She has worked as a Researcher, Speaker, Author and Senior Executive in the UK and Australia. Her lifelong passion for high-quality, student-centred, digital education come together in her role as Executive Director at Wey Education PLC – a leading provider of online education with over 4,000 students in the UK and overseas.Sara has published over 100 peer-reviewed conference papers and journal articles, 7 books and led on 58 research and development projects. Education in Computer Generated Environments, published by Routledge, outlines her vision for new learning. Sara’s expertise in digital education has led to Visiting Fellowships at the University of London, Royal Society of Arts, Business Excellence Institute, and, as Visiting Professor at the University of South Wales. Sara also sits on the Board as Governor at Sunderland University where she supports the academic portfolio.Esther Clark, Executive Director of Marketing, InterHigh
Esther is an international executive with 15 years’ experience leading marketing, communications, external relations and partnerships with start-ups, scale ups, global firms, government organisations and, most recently, international schools. Esther holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and an International Master’s in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business, York University (Canada). Esther’s experience includes managing high performing marketing teams and working in trade and partnerships in the Americas and Europe. She has worked for global brands such as BMW and the Government of Canada (Trade). Esther is a contributor to Forbes Mexico and America Economia magazines as well as to the Global Peter Drucker Forum and World Economic Forum on themes related to Marketing, Strategy and Leadership.

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