The World Is Your Oyster! How Online Schooling Supports Digital Nomad Families

Life has changed considerably over the past decade, especially when it comes to travel. With the world more accessible than ever, shared experiences on social media have motivated many to consider exploring the globe—and it's not just for those free of commitments. More and more families with children are taking to the road to explore, and with the rise of online schooling, education is no longer a barrier. Surprisingly, however, learning on-the-go isn't all that digital nomads can gain from digital schools. If you're thinking of packing up and venturing the world with your children, online schooling can help in more ways than one.

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Technology and changes in employer attitudes, particularly since the pandemic, have opened the doors for travelling while working remotely. This lifestyle has been slowly growing in popularity for decades, but the number of digital nomads has skyrocketed in recent years.There are approximately 35 million digital nomads around the world, and more than ever before, families with children are considering the lifestyle too. In fact over a quarter of the all nomads in the world have children!There are, of course, increased challenges to nomadic living when you’re bringing children along — but that’s where online schooling comes in. Not only can a virtual school help your child get the best education while travelling, they can also support your family in ways you may not have considered.

Learning on-the-go

Online schooling has quickly become one of the most popular education choices for digital nomad families, offering the ability to learn at anytime from anywhere in the world. Travelling the world brings children incredible insights they wouldn’t learn in ordinary school, but it’s still important that young learners have a way to keep up with essential subjects like maths and English.With a top-of-the-range online school, your child can take part in live, interactive lessons with expert teachers and collaborate with classmates just as they would in a physical school. The only difference? Online school follows you wherever you go. No matter how often your family moves to a new country, your child can keep up with their education all the way.
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Long-term friendships

Socialisation is one of the most important parts of childhood development, which is why it's a common concern for parents considering the nomadic lifestyle. When interacting with others, children learn crucial skills like communication, empathy, and even problem solving.There are also many benefits to socialising with children from other countries and cultures, including learning non-verbal communication and growing to appreciate differences. Of course, children still need to form long-term friendships, which can be difficult when you never stay in one place for long.Many parents are surprised to learn that online schooling can help solve all of this. When your child joins a top online school, they’ll become part of a global community of young people from all around the world. From virtual clubs to informal online chats, students find many ways to form bonds with their schoolmates wherever they are.Most importantly, your child won’t lose these bonds when they move to a new country, bringing them an all-important sense of belonging and security. And, all the while, they'll have plenty of free time to connect with local children too.

More time to explore

On that note, what’s the point of travelling to beautiful countries around the world if you barely get to experience them? Homeschooling, particularly for those with multiple children, can be a difficulty for nomad families. When choosing to homeschool, you become your children’s teacher, which can take a lot of time and energy. By the end of each day, you simply may not have the momentum to get out and explore.Online learning is different, bringing you highly qualified and experienced teachers who can take the pressure of schooling off your hands. You won’t have to worry about choosing or building a curriculum, getting all the information right, or making sure your child is on track with their progress. Instead, you can focus your attention on growing your digital career and planning the best family excursions.
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A sense of routine

The spontaneity of digital nomad life is fun, exciting, and a great way to learn how to deal with change. However, did you know that schedules are vital for childhood wellbeing too? A sense of routine helps young people feel confident, secure, and in control of their environment. It can also help mitigate some of the nervousness that comes with travelling around often.Being part of an online school is a great way to inject some routine into your child’s life. Opting for a virtual school where your child can take part in live, timetabled lessons as well as watch on-demand class recordings can be liberating for your child’s self-confidence. Attending lessons on a schedule will bring a feeling of comfort and familiarity into each day, even when you’re stepping foot on new soil.The best part is that these online school timetables can also be flexible. Need to catch a flight to a new country on a school day? No problem — your child can either take their classes in the airport lounge or catch up with lesson recordings when you land.

Sciences and arts from anywhere

If you're asking yourself, "What about hands-on subjects?", you're not alone. For many parents considering online schooling, science and art are the most concerning subjects that come to mind. In reality, there's no reason children can't get a stellar STEM or creative education entirely online.Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, collaborative virtual platforms, and other innovative solutions, students at top online schools actually get high-quality and engaging science and art lessons each week.With sciences, students can use virtual laboratory software to conduct exciting experiments in a safe, completely accessible environment. From growing bacteria to testing pH, and even activities that couldn't take place in a classroom (like experimenting with gravity), anything is possible with the right tools.The same goes for arts, where online students can work on their creations alongside a teacher over video-link. Virtual schools often have exhibitions, events, and contests across subjects like music, design, and photography, just like their traditional school counterparts.

Learn anywhere with King’s InterHigh

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