Mission Discovery Space and STEM with ISSET and NASA

This replay live session, provides the lift off young people need to get excited about STEM. Join Sarah Murray, ISSET head of operations, Former NASA Leader and Chris Barber, founder and chief executive ISSET.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take science out of the classroom and challenge school students to unlock their incredible potential. Open to all schools and students around the world.

Think big and inspire individuals to do unique things in Science, Technology, Engingeering and Maths and unlock their leadership and team skills.

Read the article, Reach for the stars with NASA and ISSET by Ruth Holmes

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Help us to share opportunities so young people are inspired to build a better world.In this exclusive presentation for Relocate Global for the International Education & Schools’ Fair, you will hear from Sarah Murray, head of operations, former NASA leader and Chris Barber, founder and chief executive, about the exciting opportunities available to students and teachers (state, private and international schools) and corporate leadership teams around the world.

Tasters of what you can expect from:

  •  You and your students and leadership team have the extraordinary opportunity to learn from NASA Astronauts and Space Scientists.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to take science out of the classroom and challenge your students to unlock their incredible potential.
  • Open to all schools and students around the world.
  • Think big and inspire individuals to do unique things in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and unlock their leadership and teamwork skills.

Mission Discovery

14-18 year olds

Join NASA astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lidenburger and do something extraordinary at the Mission Discover Space & STEM Summer school July 2023.  King’s College, London;ISSET mission discoveryhttps://www.isset.space/pages/mission-discovery-general

Launch Prize for Schools

12-18 year olds

Unlock your students’ potential. An interactive virtual challenge that will take your students’ learning to new heights. ISSET will create a bespoke Launch Prize challenge, tailor made to your school.IESF 22 ISSET Launch Prize for Schoolshttps://www.isset.space/pages/schools

Space to Learn

Children of all ages

Find out about astronaut visits in person, as well as the option of a LIVE virtual show with an astronaut presentation (on a topic of your choice) and a Q & A, beamed directly into your classroom!IESF ISSET Space to Learn

Take up these opportunities for students to:

  • Boost students confidence and help them push their limits
  • Learn from some of the greatest minds in the world
  • Develop key life skills that will put them ahead
  • Strengthen higher education applications & achievement portfolios
  • Have the experience of working on a real-life research project
  • Take away an official completion certificate
  • Learn to work as part of an incredible team
  • Fly the flag for your school on the International Space Station
  • And of course, the chance to make history
Opportunities for individual schools and student, and with the help of the Relocate Global and Think Global People Community, we will help find partner support for local schools and pupils around the world.IESF 22 ISSET In text watch nowAlso find out about 2023 activities for international leaders and schools:
  • Members of our community can meet a female NASA Astronaut at live Think Women event to celebrate International Women’s Day, London, March 2023.
  • Discover how NASA Astronaut and space scientists will appear at The Innovation Festival for Global Working, 9 June 2023, Lamberhurst Kent. Plus a programme of visits to Kent schools.

Live in 2023 hosted by Think Global People

Think Women 23 intextThink Women Event to celebrate international Women’s Day10 March, at IoD, with female astronaut.
The Innovation Festival for Global Working Festival 23 in text9 June Kent, UK
NASA Astronaut keynote and leadership programme taster for attendees – ISSETNASA Astronaut and space scientists visit Schools - ISSET 5-9 June 2023Schools hosting programmes for secondary and primary pupils and their teachers in Kent & E Sussex

Chris Barber Bio

IESF_22_Isset Chris Barber1
Chris founded the International Space School Educational Trust in 1998 with the aim of instilling the NASA you can do it” spirit in young people around the world. ISSET uses space exploration and the people behind it to drive students into successful futures.Having been a deputy head teacher in two large high schools, Chris has a long record of leadership and transformation in education. He took his last school from below average to become the most successful school in England and Wales.Chris says “The change we see in the young people who come on our programmes astounds me time after time. I am always in awe of their accomplishments throughout their time with ISSET and their achievements years later. I am extremely proud to say that work we continue to do at ISSET has a positive impact in both the present and future lives of our participants and people they encounter.”

Sarah Murray Bio

IESF_22_Isset Sarah Murray1
Sarah is currently the NASA Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Programme. Her experience includes Assistant Division Chief for EVA (space walks), Robotics and Crew Systems on the International Space Station, executive support for NASA Administrator in the coordination of Space Centre Directors in implementing NASA goals, and the Project and Technical Lead in the development of NASA’s new Orion Space Vehicle which will return humans to the Moon and beyond.

ISSET Background

The International Space School Educational Trust was founded in 1998 as a UK registered charity. The Trust's mission is to use space exploration and the people behind it to motivate students from all backgrounds to realise their potential, grow their confidence and help them achieve their dreams in whichever field they choose.

International Space School Educational Training Ltd., trading as ISSET, is the commercial arm of the Trust that manages the different programmes and handles direct-to-consumer sales internationally.

For over 20 years, in partnership with some of the world’s leading organisations, the Trust and ISSET have led the way in space and STEM education for all. The Trust runs sponsored programmes for students who may not otherwise be afforded these opportunities. We work closely with education ministries and local governments to ensure we accommodate students who are best in need of these experiences.

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