The Innovation Festival for Global Working – One Day including morning Astronaut Keynote Session

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Enjoy a Full Festival Day with opening Astronaut Keynote Session and a host of leadership and global mobility experts

Thursday 8 June

Time: 9.00am-6.30pm

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Plus Think Global People and Relocate Awards 2023

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Taking innovation and leadership to the next level with astronaut, Tony Antonelli


Step into the world of NASA leadership with a true pioneer, astronaut and Space Shuttle Pilot Tony Antonelli.

From serving as a US Navy Commander, to piloting two space missions as a NASA astronaut, to playing a lead role in shaping the future of space exploration developing the new Orion space vehicle which will carry humans to the moon and on into deep space - get ready to be inspired by one of the most accomplished humans of our time.

Tony is ready to share his secrets to success and innovation with you! Join us for an unforgettable leadership experience where Tony will impart his invaluable lessons, honed over decades of leading in the most challenging environments, experiencing the hostility of space.

The question is, are you reading to take your leadership skills to new heights?

The day will include three interactive sessions with Tony Antonelli with plenty of opportunity to meet him and capture your experience with photographs. The morning will include dynamic roundtable discussions with plenty of opportunity to explore examples of innovation and overcoming leadership challenges.

  • Session 1: From Earth to Space: Antonelli’s journey to becoming an Astronaut
    Interactive presentations with Q&A
  • Session 2: Innovation: Leading the way to Mars
    Interactive presentations with Q&A
  • Session 3: Mastering the art of international leadership
    Interactive presentations with Q&A


Festival 2023 Astronaut 670x370.2

Bring the ideas and stimulation of exploring the space sector and cutting edge technology to your own industry sector and leadership challenges. This is your opportunity to engage with peers and experts to explore growth, productivity and innovation to fast-forward your organisation and people.

The afternoon opens with our Host for the day, presenter Jayne Constantinis leading the  a Keynote panel discussion exploring trends and learnings across leadership, future of the work and the workplace, global mobility, talent, productivity and growth and cutting edge change across diverse industry sectors.

Attendees will enjoy breakouts in our stimulating Innovation Hubs:

  • Leadership, Future of Work and the Workplace
  • Future of Global Mobility
  • International Education, Learning and Development

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Meet our award winners 2023

A highlight at the end of a stimulating day will be the Relocate and Think Global People Awards Ceremony. We will celebrate the achievements of our 2023 winners and toast their success offering a further opportunity for networking and a chance to enjoy delicious refreshments and entertainment.

Festival 2023 Astronaut 670x370

Speaker Bio - Morning Session

Tony Antonelli headshot Festival 2023

Tony Antonelli – NASA astronaut and Commander US Navy

Tony served as a Commander and Test Pilot in the US Navy. He was a Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School, illustrating his drive to excel. As a pilot, he has accumulated over 3,200 hours in 41 different kinds of aircraft.

He was selected by NASA as an astronaut in 2000. He flew two mission io the International Space Station piloting n space as the piloting Space Shuttles’ Discovery 2009 and Atlantis in 2010.

Tony has spent over 24 days in space. He has been awarded NASA‘s Exceptional Achievement Medal and Superior Accomplishment Award together with a further seven awards that all testify to his outstanding accomplishments.

As major US corporation, Lockheed Martin’s Chief Technologist for Space Exploration, Tony led a team developing space vehicles to return humans to the moon, on into deep space and to accomplish the 250 million miles journey to Mars. He has also recently just been announced as an advisory board member for Karman Space & Defence.

Tony says, “This idea of human exploration of Mars has excited me my whole life. The idea of reaching Mars decades from now, is too far for me to get my hands on. It doesn’t feel very real, it feels too far in the future. So, I was tasked with putting together a plan that makes human exploration of Mars real and tangible, and setting a deadline of by 2028. The idea was, with the technology that we have today, with the country’s investment in new space systems and vehicles, what else do we need to get human exploration on Mars well underway? What else do we need to make it achievable in our careers as opposed to, you know, in the realms of our grandchildren?

"We can make this happen in the 2028 time frame, that feels real, don’t you think?”

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Plus Think Global People and Relocate Awards 2023

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We continue to build on the success of The Future of Work Festival in 2022.

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In 2023 there will be even more of a Festival feel, with the opportunity to engage with more experts and sample different leadership techniques, meet authors and explore new research in the spacious gardens and grounds.

For further details email or call +44 (0)1892 891334.

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