Mission Discovery Space and STEM with ISSET and NASA Webinar

You and your students and leadership team have the extraordinary opportunity to learn from NASA Astronauts and Space Scientists.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take science out of the classroom and challenge your students to unlock their incredible potential.

Open to all schools and students around the world.

Think big and inspire individuals to do unique things in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and unlock their leadership and teamwork skills.

In this exclusive presentation for Relocate Global for the International Education & Schools’ Fair, you will hear from Sarah Murray, head of operations, former NASA leader and Chris Barber, founder and chief executive, about the exciting opportunities available to students and teachers (state, private and international schools) and corporate leadership team around the world.

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Read the article, Reach for the stars with NASA and ISSET by Ruth Holmes

Chris Barber Bio

IESF_22_Isset Chris Barber1

Chris founded the International Space School Educational Trust in 1998 with the aim of instilling the NASA you can do it” spirit in young people around the world. ISSET uses space exploration and the people behind it to drive students into successful futures.

Having been a deputy head teacher in two large high schools, Chris has a long record of leadership and transformation in education. He took his last school from below average to become the most successful school in England and Wales.

Chris says “The change we see in the young people who come on our programmes astounds me time after time. I am always in awe of their accomplishments throughout their time with ISSET and their achievements years later. I am extremely proud to say that work we continue to do at ISSET has a positive impact in both the present and future lives of our participants and people they encounter.”

Sarah Murray Bio

IESF_22_Isset Sarah Murray1

Sarah is currently the NASA Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Programme. Her experience includes Assistant Division Chief for EVA (space walks), Robotics and Crew Systems on the International Space Station, executive support for NASA Administrator in the coordination of Space Centre Directors in implementing NASA goals, and the Project and Technical Lead in the development of NASA’s new Orion Space Vehicle which will return humans to the Moon and beyond.

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