A unique IB programme in a unique boarding environment

With almost 500 students from over 40 countries, Salem International Boarding School (Schule Schloss Salem) is the largest and most international boarding school in Germany. It prides itself on offering a unique IB programme to its student body in a unique boarding environment. The combination is rare in Germany and is attractive to not only German families but to the increasing number of international parents looking for a school in Germany for their children, while they work in the country or throughout Europe or further afield.

In this webinar as part of the International Education and Schools’ Fair 2023, we spoke to Dr Constanze Schummer, IB Co-Coordinator who is passionate about the school having been there in various roles as a house mistress, teacher of History, English and Theory of Knowledge, as well as coordinating the national system, the Abitur. She reveals what makes the school such a unique place to learn and the value of being part of such a strong supportive community. Discover how the school combines historic buildings, open space and modern facilities in a glorious setting.We explore what makes a global citizen of the future and the balance between academic work, creative pursuits, sport and outdoor activities that the boarding experience can bring as young people discover their path in life.Learn about the school’s strong historic connection to IB learning and how Kurt Hahn, one of the founders, was involved in formulating the first ideas for the International Baccalaureate, which still plays a major part in the schools learning identity.Discover more about Salem’s unique and holistic approach to education, and how students are encouraged to develop an awareness of global issues and prioritise service to others through a wide range of practical opportunities.

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