Exploring the English National Curriculum on the French Riviera

James Wellings, Head of School at Mougins School, in conversation with Fiona Murchie.

In this lively webinar, James Wellings, Mougins British International School, Head of School explores what the school can offer families relocating to the French Riviera or choosing to base themselves in this region of France and looking for a British education and the English National Curriculum.As France’s ‘Silicon Valley’ many international families are drawn to the region and the school benefits from being at the heart of innovation and technology.As well as covering the STEAM approach to learning, James Welling examines the impact of advances in technology and AI and how they will impact schools in the future.From early years to students applying for university he describes the curriculum and how it applies to different age groups.As well as covering the STEAM approach to learning, James Welling  examines the impact of advances in technology and AI and how they will impact schools in the future.He also emphasises the importance of encouraging creative play, a love of learning and sport as well as the natural world, so bountiful in the area to be enjoyed by all ages.Parents, employers and relocation professionals will come away with a better understanding of how they can marry living on the French Riviera with experiencing the English National Curriculum for all ages.  They will be reassured that students and the family will experience an international education and will be integrated into the school and wider community truly experiencing French language and culture.As part of the GlobeEducate group there are plenty of school options to explore should the family have to move to another part of France or the world.

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James Wellings, Head of School, Mougins School

Formerly the Deputy Director and Head of Secondary at the International School of Monaco, James Wellings has a proven track record in education, having taught and managed schools in the UK, the Middle East, and Asia. As a former teacher and dedicated leader, he is passionate about implementing innovative teaching methods with a strong emphasis on student wellbeing and the quality of their learning experiences. James is committed to reinforcing the values of excellence among Mougins School's teaching staff. Whether it's teaching drama with enthusiasm or engaging in tag rugby with students during our enrichment programme THRIVE, James embodies the spirit of education with a human touch. His extensive international background aligns seamlessly with Mougins School's global perspective and commitment to educational excellence

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