What you need to know about school and family transitions in the Covid world

Aleka Bilan, SPAN Safe Passage Across Networks
In conversation with Fiona Murchie

“Transitions that are not managed well can severely negatively impact learning. For that reason, schools need to be at the forefront of transition care because learning is our business. If we are not taking care of families and staff as well and the teachers and their families moving back and forth across the world, then we’re really, not taking care of the learning that needs to happen”, explains Aleka Bilan of Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN), in a lively conversation with Fiona Murchie. 

Learn in this webinar why schools are so central to family transitions and how the pandemic really forced, not only schools, but also universities, to create a longer transitions runway. “I’m finding that admissions officers and programmes are reaching out across countries and really making sure that a family is feeling welcome much before pre-departure and providing lots of those kinds of orientation services”, she says. 

You will discover: 

  • Updates on best practice in International Schools and transitions care. Aleka Bilan explains how things have moved on over the Covid period.
  • How to help parents to feel connected and not only survive but thrive as new academic year starts. Tips on how parents can settle into their new school community and area, and as parents and employers we know how important that is. 
  • How to address anxiety in students in every school. So many children of all ages are starting school for the first time or a different school and there is a lot of anxiety for children and parents. Aleka provides practical tips and shared stories to help everybody.

“The more corporations know their employees are settling more quickly and you’re positively managing their transition, then you are going to get the full employee right away. It’s really, important to put transitions care at the forefront, really to make sure you’re getting the best learning, the best teaching and the best work out of all members of the family that have made this move”, Aleka explains in this enlightening webinar.  

Share with parents, employers and relocation professionals supporting international families.

Read more about why transition support in education is so important – and vital post-Covid - in the article by Ruth Holmes

Speaker bio and information 

Aleka Bilan, SPAN Safe Passage Across Networks

Aleka Bilan, SPAN Safe passage across networks

Aleka Bilan is a Certified education transitions coach who helps children, their parents and educators navigate cultural transitions around the world and is currently based in central Oregon, USA.

Safe Passage across networks (SPAN) is a not for profit organisation that helps to build transitions care practices around the world, particularly for schools and organisations.

Host: Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor and Founder, Relocate & Relocate Global

Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, Relocate Magazine and Relocate Global

Fiona Murchie, has over 25 years’ experience in management and HR publishing and global mobility.

From this unique perspective, she combines understanding of the HR and global mobility market with knowledge of business drivers and an appreciation of management thinking and the wider influences on company and regional growth brought about by changing global markets, demographics, economics and geo-political factors.

She launched Relocate magazine in 2004, to promote creativity and best practice in mobility, explore new topics, and stimulate debate on relocation-related subjects. Relocate Global has become the leading multimedia for international managers, HR, global mobility and relocation professionals, with a growing international reputation for thought leadership, innovation and people support. 

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