Learning Differences: Virtual School Option

Amy Oswalt, Head of Global Division and Director of Innovation, The Lab School of Washington
In conversation with Fiona Murchie

Finding the right school for children with learning differences is a challenge for internationally mobile families. The Lab School’s Global Division is bridging this important gap with great success.

Virtual schools predate the pandemic, when school closures saw over 1.2 billion children reach for their laptops. Over the past two years, leaders in international and public schools around the world navigated a steep learning curve to deliver online lessons in what is definitely one of the successes coming out of a global crisis.

Relocate Global’s Fiona Murchie caught up with Amy Oswalt, Head of Global Division and Director of Innovation, The Lab School of Washington, as part of Great International Education and Schools’ Fair, to find out how a move to online learning can be particularly successful for children with additional learning needs making international transitions.

About The Lab School of Washington

The Lab School of Washington is an innovative learning community fostering scholarship and creativity in students with language-based learning differences. In an environment of inquiry and hands-on exploration, Lab School students learn to advocate for themselves as they become engaged and compassionate members of a global society.


Speaker Biography

Amy Oswalt, Head of Global Division and Director of Innovation, The Lab School of Washington

Amy Oswalt

Amy has been working with children with language based learning differences for over twenty years.  Before joining Lab School to lead and create the Global Division, Amy worked in schools on three continents.

Her experience has varied from teaching and leading in public schools in the states to teaching and leading in private schools both in the states and internationally. Amy has spent significant time teaching and leading in International Baccalaureate schools and has guided two schools through the IB authorization process. 

As a former school head, Amy understands the importance of new program development and the need to design solutions for students and families. Amy believes that all children can be successful academically if they are provided with the tools that are right for them. 

Amy has degrees in Linguistics, Special Education, and Education Administration, and is widely regarded as a creative, visionary, and innovative thinker and educator.             

Host: Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor and Founder, Relocate & Relocate Global

Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor, Relocate Magazine and Relocate Global

Fiona Murchie, has over 25 years’ experience in management and HR publishing and global mobility. From this unique perspective, she combines understanding of the HR and global mobility market with knowledge of business drivers and an appreciation of management thinking and the wider influences on company and regional growth brought about by changing global markets, demographics, economics and geo-political factors.

She launched Relocate magazine in 2004, to promote creativity and best practice in mobility, explore new topics, and stimulate debate on relocation-related subjects. Relocate Global has become the leading multimedia for international managers, HR, global mobility and relocation professionals, with a growing international reputation for thought leadership, innovation and people support.

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