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This section is designed to support you if you are relocating. Whether you’re moving within the UK, coming to the UK, or relocating overseas on an international assignment, we’re here to help, with the latest news, articles and practical advice on a range of key subjects, from property and schools to lifestyle, partner’s career options and settling in your new area. From new graduates and young professionals, through families with children, to senior executives, we have something for everyone.

Education & Schools

Image of King\'s InterHigh student at her desk

AI Revolution in Education: Transforming Learning with Inspired AI

Every child in each classroom is different, so why are they all taught the same?
We all know that education should never be one-size-fits-all, but the constraints of traditional schooling have made classroom differentiation difficult for even the most devoted teachers — until now.

Expatriate life

Innovation Festival of Global Working Think Global People Relocate Awards winners Ann

Congratulations to 2023’s Think Global People and Relocate Awards winners

Celebrating excellence across global people management and mobility arenas, the ground-breaking Innovation Festival for Global Working played host to this year’s exceptional Think Global People and Relocate Awards ceremony.
Internations article 3.23

Expats enthuse about settling in Gulf states

Gulf states occupy five of the top ten places in the world where expatriates find it easiest to settle, according to a new index from InterNations.
Back view of husband and his wife holding hands and walking with their little girl and suitcase at the airport.

Going home: the hardest move

Repatriation is known to be a source of concern to expatriates and their families. Dr Sue Shortland explains how employers can help to reduce repatriation distress and improve organisational outcomes.


Smiling businesswoman having video call while working from home office

Hybrid and mobile work 'boost satisfaction and inclusion'

New research into the future of work suggests half of employees will work permanently on a hybrid basis or be fully mobile. Both customer and employee experience improve as a result, with technology playing a key role.
Disruptive technology

Disruptive technology: Seamless booking in serviced accommodation

Advances in technology and changing customer expectations are disrupting the serviced accommodation industry, placing new demands on corporate travel managers and global mobility teams. Philipp Morawietz, managing director of Homelike, discusses with Marianne Curphey what this means for corporate clients and relocation specialists.
Business multiracial colleagues, discussing new project, generating new ideas, communicating via video conference with their business partners from different countries. Group cooperation by video call stock photo

Women professionals get hybrid working boost

The post-pandemic surge in hybrid working has encouraged large numbers of professionally-educated women in the UK - particularly mothers - to move back into full-time work, new research has shown.

Partners & Family

Magpie Dance July 2023

Magpie dancers celebrate Borrowed Land Success!

Magpie Dance, one of the UK’s leading dance charities for people with learning disabilities, were delighted to welcome an audience of 300+ to their full company production Borrowed Land at Langley Park Centre for Performing Arts on Sunday 23rd July.
International Education - The Future

International education: The Future

Where to open a British school, how to do it – and the pitfalls to avoid. This week’s conference organised by the International and Private Schools Education forum (IPSEF) examined international education in the post pandemic landscape.
Afternoon keynote panel

Innovation Festival for Global Working keynote sets agenda

Bringing together every aspect of the global mobility supply chain with talent and business leaders, the Innovation Festival for Global Working provided the perfect place to network and share insights on where next for global mobility and cross-border working.

Residential Property

Image of row of terraced houses

The impact of property turmoil on global mobility

Rising rents, increasing inflation, a jump in the cost of living and a shortage of housing supply are all presenting challenges for assignees and their families relocating across the globe. Marianne Curphey looks at how global mobility teams are rising to the challenge, and what the future might hold.
Manchester City centre light trails before sunrise

Manchester 'best UK city' for expats

Manchester is by far the best city for expats moving to the United Kingdom, according to a new survey.
A sustainable green office or housing complex as seen from a living roof

UK housing market remains surprisingly buoyant

Worsening economic conditions across the globe have done little to temper the UK housing market, with prices recording a ten per cent, year-on-year rise during August.
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