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Employers count cost of pensions as enrolment rises: CIPD

Reviewing working practices for productivity gains could help employers better manage workplace pension costs, especially as the National Living Wage nears, says the CIPD.
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Foreign Exchange
Chinese Yuan

China’s ‘one-off’ devaluation is quickly followed by another

A day after China announced a "one-off depreciation" of the yuan's value against the dollar, the People's Bank of China stunned the world’s financial markets on Wednesday by devaluing their currency for a second consecutive day.

Chancellor offers a fairer deal for savers and little impact on sterling markets, say analysts

Analysts from foreign exchange and currency providers and pension and asset management specialists saw encouraging signs in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, but remained cautious about the recovery.
Vladimir Putin

A rough ride for the rouble, but Putin remains in the driving seat

Russia’s Central Bank remained mute on Tuesday over whether it had stepped in to prop up the rouble after a tumultuous 48 hours for the currency.
Economic Background
Canada\\\'s rail industry

Canada’s rail industry goes full steam ahead

With the traditional Canadian mainstays of oil and gas and mining in something of a decline, the rail industry is forging ahead, as Mark E Johnson found when he spoke to some key professionals in the sector.
Canada\'s technology sector

Canada’s technology sector: An industry on the rise

While the oil-price collapse has left the energy sector in the doldrums, there’s one success story that’s lighting up the gloom of Canada’s struggling economy and jobs market.
Canadian real estate

Canadian real estate: Thinking outside the box

While much of the world was reeling from the 2007/8 global financial crisis, Canada was proving itself to be comparatively robust.
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Canada US border

Relocating Canadian employees to the US: Three major tax considerations

Employees relocating from Canada to the US may face a number of complex tax-related issues. Matt C Altro, president and CEO of Canadian firm MCA Cross Border Advisors, shares his advice for companies and their relocatees on planning for, and coping with, these challenges.
Multinational corporations

Multinationals' tax affairs facing OECD scrutiny

The OECD has succeeded in getting more than 30 nations to sign up to a transparency agreement to share information over the tax affairs of multinational corporations.

How to ensure compliance with tax authorities: Top tips for mobility managers

For global organisations international assignments are a vital component of their talent management strategies, enabling them to deploy the most highly skilled individuals in the locations where they are most required.
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Shell petrol station

Shell promises 'rejuvenation' as profits tumble

Much as expected, Shell has reported an 87 per cent collapse in profits to $1.9 billion for 2015 and has undertaken to dispose of a further $10 billion of assets this year.
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