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Foreign Exchange

Chancellor offers a fairer deal for savers and little impact on sterling markets, say analysts

Analysts from foreign exchange and currency providers and pension and asset management specialists saw encouraging signs in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, but remained cautious about the recovery.
Vladimir Putin

A rough ride for the rouble, but Putin remains in the driving seat

Russia’s Central Bank remained mute on Tuesday over whether it had stepped in to prop up the rouble after a tumultuous 48 hours for the currency.

Ecuador to launch digital currency

The government of Ecuador has revealed plans to create what it claims is the world’s first digital currency to be issued by a central bank.
Economic Background
Greek flag and bank

Greece – Businesses hope for the best, but prepare for the worst

With the banks closed for a week and Greece about to default on a £1.1 billion repayment to the IMF, stock markets around the world tumbled on Monday.
View from the Shard, London

UK set for M&A surge

The UK is set to see rapid growth in mergers and acquisitions activity as favourable economic conditions bring in overseas buyers, according to a new report.
Republic of Ireland flag and map

Ireland ‘most to lose’ from Brexit

It could take a decade to negotiate the UK’s exit from the European Union were the nation to vote in favour of a ‘Brexit’ in the referendum promised by the end of 2017, according to a new study.
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corprate tax planning

G20 set to approve new tax rules for multinationals

The G20 summit in November is poised to reach a global agreement to force multinationals to pay more tax in countries where they sell goods or create revenues, according to the head of the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy.
FTSE 100 index

FTSE 100 leaps on election result

Shares on the London stock market have climbed sharply on the back of election results strongly suggesting that David Cameron will remain as Prime Minister.
No 10 Downing Street

What will the election mean for relocation?

With millions of Britons casting their votes in the UK general election today, Re:locate picks out the key manifesto promises from the major parties for the relocation industry.
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Foreign direct investment: the jobs outlook

UK Trade & Investment has revealed that over the 2014/15 financial year Britain attracted record levels of foreign direct investment, creating record numbers of new jobs in the process.
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