Corporate Finance

Issues related to corporate finance dominate today’s fast-moving and increasingly globalised business world. They include everything from the impact of changes in global and local economies on a company’s strategic decisions about where to base its headquarters or a regional office or launch a new operation, through the often contentious topic of corporate taxation, to the day-to-day detail of banking, foreign exchange and employee pensions. Read more

Corporate finance will be one of the main factors influencing a business’s location (or relocation) strategy and its decisions to deploy international assignees to an overseas destination, relocate individual employees, or carry out a group move. For this reason, HR global mobility managers and those providing professional relocation services, as well as global managers and corporate relocation experts, need a broad understanding of a range of corporate finance topics.

With that in mind, this section provides coverage of the full spectrum of corporate financial topics relevant to both large and small companies, through articles, news, tools and other resources.

Our Employee Finance  and UK Banking  sections contain a wealth of practical financial guidance for international assignees, relocating employees, and trailing spouses, partners and family members. They are essential reading for employers, too. Our Directory  gives details of relocation specialists and suppliers in the global mobility industry who can provide bespoke professional support in the areas of corporate and employee finance. Read less

Foreign Exchange

Chinese Yuan

China’s ‘one-off’ devaluation is quickly followed by another

A day after China announced a "one-off depreciation" of the yuan's value against the dollar, the People's Bank of China stunned the world’s financial markets on Wednesday by devaluing their currency for a second consecutive day.

Chancellor offers a fairer deal for savers and little impact on sterling markets, say analysts

Analysts from foreign exchange and currency providers and pension and asset management specialists saw encouraging signs in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, but remained cautious about the recovery.
Vladimir Putin

A rough ride for the rouble, but Putin remains in the driving seat

Russia’s Central Bank remained mute on Tuesday over whether it had stepped in to prop up the rouble after a tumultuous 48 hours for the currency.

Economic Background


UK inflation back to zero amid conflicting calls on interest rates

The UK inflation rate fell back, much as expected, to zero last month as continuing falls in the price of oil and food kept the lid on the cost of living.
UK inflation rate steady, say CPI

UK inflation holds steady despite sterling fall

CPI remains steady, according to the ONS, following expectations of a rise last month after a fall in the value of sterling.
Industrial production UK GDP Brexit

UK economy holds steady as consumer confidence rebounds

The UK economy continued to grow at a healthy pace in the run-up to the June's referendum on membership of the European Union, according to official statistics published on Friday.
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Going There Advertorial

What has the Apple Tax ruling got to do with global mobility?

Recent initiatives by the OECD could change how global corporates pay tax, placing an increased burden on global mobility teams to monitor international assignees in order to ensure profits are allocated and taxed to specific jurisdictions accordingly.
Apple and EU in conflict over Apple's Irish tax bill

Apple vows to fight £11 billion 'sweetheart tax' bill

Apple has said it will launch an appeal at the European Court of Justice after it was ordered to pay a record 13 billion euros (£11.1 billion) in taxes by the European Commission. Although the money would be paid to the Irish government, Dublin has vowed to back the Apple appeal, fearing the ruling will deter future investment in the country.

British expats outside Europe ‘most to gain from Brexit’

There will be both winners and losers among British expatriates as a result of the vote to leave the European Union, according to an analysis by Global Risk Insights (GRI)
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US banks considering move out of London

May moves to reassure US banks eyeing relocation

Theresa May met with US executives to hear their concerns following reports that US banks were considering moving operations out of London if Britain were to lose its "passporting rights" post-Brexit.
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