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Bilinguism at CFBL

CFBL has developed expertise in bilingual primary education from PSM (Nursery) to CM2 (Year ­6). Each class is taught half the time by a qualified teacher who is a native French speaker, and the other half of the time by a qualified teacher who is a native English speaker. Consequently, the classes receive 13 hours a week of lessons taught in French and 13 hours of lessons taught in English. The two teachers work in close cooperation to define the contents of the lessons.

All the subjects and programmes defined by the French Department for Education are therefore studied in both languages in a perfectly balanced teaching timetable, managed by pairs of native French and English-speaking teachers.

CFBL’s bilingualism is further enhanced by the bicultural dimension of the teaching, as the English-speaking teachers use specific teaching methods and practices which are a positive additional contribution. CFBL is therefore the meeting point of two teaching cultures and, as a result, both classes and assessments bring to bear the most relevant aspects of both systems.

The teaching programme in secondary continues to emphasise proficiency in English and the intensive learning of other modern languages.

From 6ème, all students have five hours of English and British culture classes. The aim is to enable as many students as possible at the end of  3ème to sit the tests for the French national schools certificate (Diplôme National du Brevet – DNB), International option.


CFBL also offers teaching completely in English for some non-linguistic subjects, such as the visual arts, music and information technology.

CFBL also attaches great importance to other modern languages. Spanish, German and Mandarin are offered as second modern languages from 6ème. Beginners Mandarin is offered to all students in 4ème and 3ème who have not choose it as second modern language.

At the end of 3ème, our students move on to a French lycée in London (mainly the Lycée International Winston Churchill, but also the Lycée Charles de Gaulle) or another school in France or overseas. Some students continue in the English educational system.

Happy pupils

Tolerance and openness are central to CFBL’s philosophy and permeate our community comprising some 35 different nationalities. Our students are nurtured in a welcoming environment where they can discover the joys of learning, supported by attentive teaching staff whose approach is based on mutual trust and respect. They are encouraged to interact, be creative and take initiatives in our multicultural environment, in which they can acquire academic knowledge and also develop the human, relational qualities which will guide them through their years at school and beyond.

At the end of their schooling at CFBL, our students move on to a French lycée in London (mainly the Lycée International Winston Churchill, but also the Lycée Charles de Gaulle) or another school in France or overseas. Some students continue in the English educational system.

CFBL’s mission is to provide students with the best of French educational culture, while preparing them for life in the modern world by giving them a bilingual, international, multicultural education.

We aim in particular to:

  • deliver a bilingual and multicultural education to pupils.
  • foster academic excellence by following the French curriculum as set out by the French Éducation Nationale whilst at the same time realising the full potential of each child.
  • give advice and help to pupils, as well as their families, in order to help them realise the best possible educational path.
  • promote the personal development of the pupils by offering them as wide a choice as possible of group and individual activities within the fields of art, culture and sport and to this end, to promote extra-curricular activities.
  • prepare pupils for their entry into the upper secondary section of the French Lycée or help pupils transfer into the English education sytem.
  • teach pupils to respect and embrace the richness and cultural diversity which CFBL offers.

The development of pupils is at the heart of the teaching at CFBL.
CFBL offers the best of French education and attaches particular importance to their well-being, personal development and their ability to work together.
Our bilingual and bicultural project allows for the teaching of other languages and the discovery of other cultures. Nurturing multiculturalism is at the heart of CFBL’s educational project.
CFBL keeps up with the times – and the needs of the digital generation – with the latest IT systems and software.
The school’s overall project is reviewed by the AEFE.

CFBL is housed in a listed Victorian school building designed by Edward Robert Robson in 1874 and completely refurbished in 2010. The school has several different areas specially designed for innovative teaching practices.

The maximum capacity is 700 students which means the school is on a human scale and allows everyone to thrive in a warm and friendly atmosphere, which is conducive to well-being and effective learning. Students are close to the entire teaching team and have a constant dialogue with their teachers.

Projects, activities and events

A lot of events and projects take place at CFBL, even during the pandemic situation: Cross in Hampstead, Growth Mindset classes, webinar with CFBL’s psychologist, Pumpkin Craving Contest, etc. Please have a look on our awesome projects here!

As CFBL take the best in both French and English cultures, CFBL founded its 4 houses in 2017. The “CFBL Houses” consists in 4 Houses for CFBL (like in some English schools – or in the Harry Potter novels!), each with its own identity, starting with one of the 4 letters: C, F, B, L. After an online vote which gathered over 300 responses by secondary students, the four winning Fantastic Beasts were: Chlorofox, Faeroceler, Bellynxhorse and Lamperfly.


The CFBL is located in Kentish Town, North West London, in the highly sought-after borough of Camden, surrounded by three magnificent parks: Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park.

Kentish Town is a family-friendly neighbourhood with good public transport connections and near to King’s Cross Saint Pancras International railway station.

A large French community has long been established in Camden, which makes it easier for new families to settle there.

You can book an appointment to visit our school, or take a virtual visit.

As a caring school, CFBL is doing its best to make pupils happy, especially during this particular time. During the lockdown, pupils were lent computers or ipads or Google chromebooks to be able to follow their regular classes.

You can also find more on our website and on our social media.



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