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Proven Track Record

Beswick Relocation Services have been established for circa 20 years, during this time we have attracted and retained a large, diverse and enviable client base. We have undertaken numerous high profile group moves and our success, feedback and experience has resulted in a reputation in the Relocation Industry that is second to none.

We are wholly independent and not influenced by any third parties, which means that our relocation solutions are objective, offer value for money and are entirely transparent. Our ethos results in a strong, agile and reactive company that our clients can trust with confidence.

Whether global, national or local each move matters to us and no two relocations are the same. All our services can be adapted to suit individual needs, with a commitment from us to go above and beyond as a matter of course.

Value Add On-line Solutions



Free online solutions

To enhance the delivery of our services we have developed a full range of innovative and highly cutting edge on-line solutions including client portals for 24/7 case management tracking and employee apps to support them on the move resulting in seamless relocation. Wherever possible, we undertake investment in technology by our own design using specialist developers meaning we are able to control and up-grade our technology relevant to our clients requirements, as opposed to being limited to restrictive ‘off the shelf’ one size fits all licenses.

Just some of our solutions include:



BRS Case Management Portal - 24/7 access to all pending, active and completed cases. With ability to create new cases, approve services and expenses, add exceptions and case notes as well as access to budgeting, spend and key documents.

Employee Relocation Moving App - linking into our main portal our on-line facility allows employee access to key information on the move. It includes a document library, mapping and itineraries, our app is tailored to support your employee throughout the relocation process.

App based Expense Claim submission - allows your employee to claim costs online from their phone, tablet or PC eliminating paper claims.

Live Stream Feedback - transparent access and insight as to how we’re doing and what you employees are saying about us and their relocation.

Client Relationship

We are unique in the way we deliver relocation. All our services offer benefit to our clients whilst comprehensively supporting your relocating employees, they can be delivered in two distinct models.

As part of our client on-boarding process we guide our clients as to how you wish to use our services, either through the Relocation Management or Service only model.

Relocation Management

Providing end-to-end case management solutions and administration we oversee as many aspects of your mobility policy as required. This includes qualification, offer out, administration, exception, terms/conditions and reporting. We provide an on-line case management tracker within our BRS Client Portal as well as a flexible offering of lump sum payment and expense management solutions.

Service only

Where clients wish to manage their own policy in-house we simply deliver single or multiple services. Whilst not benefitting from the features of our managed services your employees will still receive comprehensive support available within the full range of categories.

Pre-decision Planning

We believe a critical stage of any relocation is in the planning which aids informed decision making and increases confidence for all parties before committing to and/or progressing a relocation. Offering and accepting a role in a new location, whether within the UK or a new country is a significant decision and commitment for all involved so it’s important it is planned and communicated correctly. We have developed a collection of services, from initial assessments, qualification, costing, expectation setting through to area information and briefings to aid decision making.

This also helps to understand and simplify the relocation journey into which categories are appropriate to support both our client and your employee for the journey ahead.

Service Identification

Following on from the pre-decision planning stage we simplify the relocation by categorising which services and level of support will be appropriate based on employee circumstances. Typically each relocation will fall into one or two of our main service categories below…


Service Delivery

Once we have established the service category and the remit is agreed, our dedicated consultant and supporting team will commence delivery of the core services to your employee. We operate uniquely in that one BRS Consultant oversees the entire end-to-end Relocation process as opposed to having many points of contact for different disciplines (with exception to Global Services). Resulting in total accountability, consistency and flexibility to our clients and their relocatees throughout the process. We are specialists in ‘Making it Happen’.

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“We remember that at the heart of every relocation is a real person, with real feeling and real concerns. Providing full end-to-end relocation management, with a dedicated team supporting HR professionals and their assignees in every aspect of the relocation process, carefully managed from start to finish.”