Beswick Relocation Services Ltd.

Personal with your people

We remember at the heart of every relocation is a real person, with real feelings and real concerns.

Our solutions are independent, focused and specially designed for each of our customers and their employees.

Beswick Relocation Services offer a range of relocation management solutions and support, which result in smooth and timely employee relocations with financial benefits to clients and relief of administrative responsibilities. We have vast experience in all aspects of relocation, temporary support and secondment as well as specialising in group move projects & policy making.

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Tailored to your needs

We wrap our services around our client, not our client round our services!

Our client can choose from single service selection, added value bundles and full end-to-end relocation management

Our single service options provide great flexibility where you can choose one or more of our services to simply use as and when the need arises, or we can tailor flexible ‘relocation bundles’ allowing our client to build unique packages delivering consistent, clear and comprehensive support.

As experienced specialists in supporting employees and their families moving into and around the UK, we can assist with a full range of departure and destination services, including International Settlement services which are designed to provide an enhanced level of support for employees relocating from overseas.

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Working for you

We do not work for any other relocation company. Ensuring our client remains at the heart of every relocation means we understand your policy, process, ethos and objectives first hand, reducing query and noise within the business.

End-to-end relocation management

Many of our clients choose to deploy their entire relocation requirements to us, where we oversee the whole process with our ‘end-to-end relocation management’ process. Our Relocation Management Services, including visible, up-front cost analysis, managing employee terms and conditions, expense management and tailored reporting (including PSA/tax reporting) utilising our online portal to provide 24/7 access to move information for both client and employee.

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Our highly flexible service allows us to either settle direct costs associated with core services to the relevant supplier, or reimburse eligible relocation expenses to your employee. The way we deliver this service is unique in the industry and we do not ask for pre-payment or tranches of money meaning your relocation expenditure is controlled, immediate and accurate.

Specialist at group and project moves

We understand the unique challenges a group move project poses and have many years of experience offering advice and support in this specialised area, helping our clients to achieve their goals. We have vast experience in all aspects of relocation, temporary support and secondment as well as specialising in group move projects & policy making.

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