The Bridge School

At The Bridge School, we cater to a wide variety of students all over the world and understand that each student is unique. Our online K-12 teachers and administrative staff are also here to do more than assign lessons and grade work. By combining passionate online facilitators with an individualized learning environment, we are able to provide the personalized educational experience that every student deserves. We embrace those students who need another option for their high school education!

Why Students Choose Our School:

  • Early graduation opportunities 
  • Credit recovery
  • Individual courses to augment a student's school based curriculum
  • Coursework for alternative and at-risk students
  • AP courses and elective courses to support individual student needs
  • Maintain a consistent educational experience during a time of mobility
  • Graduate with an American diploma and walk right into a major American University 
  • Personalize your school day to meet your specific hour-by-hour needs each day

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