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School motto - ‘Value your own worth and understand the differences in others.'

“The joy and reward of lifelong learning take time. That time is called childhood, spent with people who understand and value it, in a stimulating environment that promotes it.”

“My passion and determination, combined with an unerring belief that children should be included in their learning and listened to, as they expressed their thoughts, ideas and opinions drove me to create my own school. I did this in 1978 and this characteristic spirit of our school is still in evidence and works!”

Mogg Hercules
Headteacher, Proprietor and Founder
Ted Wragg Lifetime Achievement Award (with Distinction) 2009

Dallington School

At Dallington, we want children to enjoy their childhood, develop a love of learning, independence of thought and retain their individuality. Our expectation is for every child to understand the part it has to play in its learning. The relationships between the staff and the children are informal, but considerate. First names are used and we do not have a school uniform.

We encourage our children to become confident and enthusiastic learners. We offer a topic-based curriculum which is broad, creative and balanced to a non-selective and co-educational intake.   Our children work and play together in a co-operative, supportive way and great emphasis is placed on nurturing the development of the powers of reasoning and reflective, critical thinking.  We provide an environment where children can openly relate to others and expect to be listened to and respected for their points of view.

Our school is widely creative and the children are encouraged to assume responsibility in a self-regulated, purposeful way. Art, design and technology and music are strong elements of the curriculum which run throughout the school. Children are introduced to a variety of activities taught by specialist teachers including Drama, French, Swimming, Sports, Kodály Method, Recorder, Ukulele, Circus Skills and Forest Schools. Individual instrument lessons are also offered.

The school has an exemplary record of attaining places prior to and at Secondary level.

Dallington children are prepared for external exams in a non-competitive, stress-free environment. A non-competitive ethos does not mean the children lack purpose in their learning.

Come and talk to our children and staff and experience the unique spirit of Dallington.

Personal tours 

Personal tours of our nursery and school are given each day of the week, except Wednesday, with up to 3 families together.  A place in our Nursery guarantees a place in our School. Dallington has a non-selective entry policy. We work on a first come first served basis. Early registration is advised.

Next Open Evening: May 10th 2017 6 to 8 pm

Dallington School


How Dallington Began

I was born in England and educated in Melbourne. My teaching career began in Australia. Having been nominated as one of the outstanding graduate teachers, in Melbourne, I was offered a choice of schools in the State of Victoria. I chose to travel 200 miles, across the State, taking six hours in my clapped out Fiat 500, to work in a one-teacher school in the Bush. Electricity was provided by a noisy generator and there was an outside “dunny” which was emptied weekly by the “pan” man.

I taught twenty children, aged from 3 to 11 years, all in my one-teacher room. This urban girl quickly learned to deal with snakes, drought, spiders, diving plovers, collecting pine cones and wood chippings to fuel the water heater and, especially, eating the daily meals of grey lamb mince, made by the farmer's wife, with whom I was boarding. I became used to the slaughtered sheep meals, but not the endless red dust!

I left Australia in the 1960s and followed the man I loved, my future husband Evan Hercules, to London, where I taught Art and English at a Secondary Modern School, in Hackney. I spent several years teaching in the State System at all levels, which were rich, varied and, occasionally, challenging experiences of different approaches to education.

I decided to create my own school, not only because my daughter, Abi, seemed to be unfulfilled at school and was becoming a school refuser, but also because my son, Fabian, continued to be unidentified, by his school, as dyslexic.

My passion and determination, combined with an unerring belief that children should be included in their learning and listened to, as they expressed their thoughts, ideas and opinions drove me to create my own school.

So, in 1978, Evan and I acquired 8 Dallington Street, the former site of the Gatehouse School and, with the help of Fabian and Abi, set about clearing out the slop bins, dusting the cobwebs and painting the walls! I opened the doors of 8 Dallington Street on 13th April 1978. Through word of mouth, five children arrived; should have been six, but one had measles! They spent the day being taught by me with Jackie, my first member of staff, in Middle School and Dallington School was born!

Dallington is a family-run business. In addition to running the school, I continue to teach, taking Years 5 and 6.

After leaving Dallington, Abi went to Francis Holland School for Girls, Clarence Gate.  She is a trained actor and established singer-songwriter, has worked on every floor of the school as a teaching assistant and used to teach recorder and ukulele to the children. Now, she is the school Bursar, Secretary to The Board of Governors and a Director of the company who writes songs for and with the children to perform at school events.  Her son and daughter are now at Dallington!

Dallington School



"...always find Dallington a delight! Well prepared and lovely, confident children!"
Kitt Dines, North Bridge House

"It is always a pleasure to meet pupils from Dallington School and then welcome them into our own School community.  The pupils who have transferred from Dallington to Forest Prep over the last few years have one very clear characteristic; they want to be involved in all aspects of school life.  Couple this with solid academic preparation, good manners and general joie de vivre and you have the ingredients for a pupil who is going to make a success of their school years."
Elizabeth Garner, Forest Prep

“Dallington School is like a gem in the city… the kids don't feel pressured however they do feel… a wish to achieve.  This is brilliant – trust the children and provide them with the space and education to help them grow.  My child has become really inquisitive about the world since starting at Dallington."

“Both our… DCs were encouraged in non-competitive way and flourished. They left the school with what I felt was a genuine love of learning and self motivation which has served them well at secondary… Can’t speak highly enough of the school.”



Dallington School

Dallington School



Places offered to our candidates in 2016 were:

  • St Christopher, Letchworth (5 plus 1 Academic Scholarship)
  • Portland Place (3)
  • City of London School for Boys
  • Francis Holland, Clarence Gate (Waiting List)
  • Forest School
  • Wetherby Senior School
  • Queens College
  • North Bridge House School
  • City of London School for Girls
  • South Hampstead High School
  • Highgate School
  • Westminster Under School
  • St Paul’s Cathedral School (Waiting List)
  • North Bridge House School (Waiting List)


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