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As a specialized relocation management company and destination service provider, Management Mobility Consulting offers a complete range of personalized services to facilitate the international mobility of your employees.

Since 1996, we accompany you at key moments so that you can live your relocation with confidence. We give you precise and personalized solutions to your situation, delivered by our team of international experts.

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Historically located in Paris, we have also opened branches in Frankfurt and Luxembourg to support our clients working in banks and in financial institutions.

Thanks to our membership to the most prestigious associations, we are able to offer you a standardized assistance in France as anywhere else in the world.

Management Mobility Consulting online directory

Whatever your needs, we are here to support you and facilitate your efforts and those of your loved ones through a wide range of dedicated services. Wherever you are, you can find all the information about your project with our MyMob app. And because each relocation is unique, we assign you a single interlocutor, also unique, to facilitate exchanges and the steps that need to be taken.

Our constant search of quality and innovation allowed us to proudly receive awards through the years.

Management Mobility Consulting online directory

Management Mobility Consulting online directory

How we can help / our core business

We provide personalized solutions during all phases of Relocation

–  Intercultural Training

    Intercultural adaptability evaluation, intercultural training

–  Immigration

    Visa, work permit, vehicle formalities, public health insurance

–  Relocation Services

    Geographic orientation, housing search, moving, children's schooling, etc.

–  Assistance on Site

    On-going lease administration, concierge service, job search for the spouse

–  Return

    Administrative formalities, coaching, repatriation in case of an emergency

Management Mobility Consulting online directory

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Contact: Martina Meinhold

Telephone: +33 (0)1 42 15 00 69

Linkedin: Martina Meinhold

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