Eerde International Boarding School

More than just a Boarding School

You may be less interested in it when you are 14 years old, but the castle (from 1915) is beautifully situated in a beautiful estate managed by Natuurmonumenten. “No, it is no longer a boarding school. For example, there are many (after-school) activities such as horseback riding, basketball, football and tennis. But you can also opt for the art club, chess, yoga and meditation. And of course visits to museums, theater, cinema and the like are possible.” 'Eerde' has its own drivers who can pick up and deliver the children if desired.

Lesson in your own language

The language of instruction may be English, but (small) children will also sometimes need contact in their own language. “It is even taught, such as Swedish, Chinese, German but also Dutch. “And that can be completed with a certificate. We feel a great responsibility towards the children and their parents, we guide them intensively in their choice for further studies and registration at university,” said Eerde International Boardings School Niki Holterman.

Eerde International Boarding School building

Boarding parents

For the children who live and learn full-time in Eerde, the school employs well-trained 'boarding parents', who monitor the development of the children 24 hours a day. “It will be especially important for the children who are here in the future that they are independent and that their social competences are well developed.

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