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The Expat Management Group is a dynamic corporate group of recognized legal and relocation experts with offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Brussels office also serves Luxembourg. We deliver specialized services in professional aspects of expat mobility management.

In Amsterdam, the office floor is shared with TTT-Group, tax partner of Expat Management Group. Together we serve our clients with a coordination model of immigration, relocation and tax, which allows us to present comprehensive mobility solutions.

Our clients benefit from recognized experts in each field: immigration and tax professionals, senior relocation consultants and legal assistants with unmatched experience from international corporate immigration and tax firms and professional expat service providers

The Expat Management Group gladly supports you in managing the transfer of your foreign employees to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, where Expat Management Group will be the main contact for each move. Operating as a lead service provider overseeing the immigration, relocation and tax services, allows your company to enjoy practical advantages and a dedicated professional team for each service involved.

Our solutions are aimed to ensure full compliance with local immigration laws and regulations. We work to maximize operational efficiency, to offer to-the-point and highly professional services in line with our clients’ requirements.

For delivering optimal relocation services, it is our passion and goal to fully understand both our corporate clients’, as well as the transferee’s needs. Make the best start by realistically managing everyone’s expectations and ensuring a transparent and smooth process of the transfer. With empathy, flexibility, cultural sensitivity and knowledge of our local market, both our office team, as well as our professional field consultants, will do their utmost to make the best contribution in managing the move to one of the Benelux countries! 



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