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The School

Hattemer Bilingue, with two locations in Paris (8ᵉ and 16ᵉ arrondissements), is a renowned bilingual elementary school offering a unique teaching method. Established in 1885, Hattemer is a secular and independent institution providing stability and continuity in its programs.

Enrollment Information

Hattemer Bilingue welcomes children aged 2 to 11 (Nursery to Primary) for both September starters and in-year enrollments. The school's programs focus on intellectual development, fostering curiosity, and building a strong foundation for successful schooling.

Teaching Method

With 135 years of experience, Hattemer Bilingue emphasizes mastery of fundamental disciplines (French, mathematics, English) and diverse subjects (history, geography, science). The school's syllabic method for learning to read, daily dictations, mental arithmetic, and intensive English classes contribute to a comprehensive education.


Academic Excellence in Fundamental Disciplines

At Hattemer Bilingue, our commitment to academic excellence is underscored by a dedicated emphasis on the mastery of fundamental disciplines—French, mathematics, and English. We firmly believe that a robust foundation in these core subjects equips our students with the intellectual tools necessary to navigate the complexities of education and fosters a love for continuous learning. By prioritizing a comprehensive understanding of language, mathematical concepts, and linguistic proficiency, our students embark on their middle school journey with a formidable base. This solid grounding not only ensures success in subsequent academic pursuits but also empowers them to seamlessly acquire knowledge across a spectrum of other disciplines. We recognize the pivotal role these fundamental skills play in shaping well-rounded individuals, and our holistic approach prepares students not only for academic challenges but also for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and achievement.

English Programs

Hattemer Bilingue ensures a truly bi-cultural environment, teaching English from the first year of school. The English curriculum, crafted by experienced native teachers, includes a 50-50 language split in kindergarten and dedicated hours for oral and written language study, reading comprehension, and cultural studies in later years.


Admissions Details and Process

Families interested in Hattemer Bilingue are encouraged to fill out a contact form on the school's website. The admissions team will promptly respond to arrange a phone call, visit, webinar, or Open Day participation. Private visits can be scheduled with the Admissions Officer, including meetings with the Head of School for informal enrollment discussions.

  1. Families fill out a contact form on the website.
  2. A phone call, visit, webinar, or Open Day participation is arranged.
  3. Private visits can be scheduled with the Admissions Officer.
  4. Families submit the application form and required documents.
  5. The Head of School reviews the child's file.
  6. The school communicates the admission decision, and final paperwork and tuition fees are completed.

Contact Information

Admissions: admission@hattemer.fr

Phone: +33 (0)1 84 74 37 12

School Locations

Hattemer Bilingue - 8ᵉ

52 rue de Londres, Paris 75008

Phone: +33 (0)1 43 87 59 14

Hattemer Bilingue - 16ᵉ

43 rue Decamps, Paris 75116

Phone: +33 (0)1 84 79 29 99



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Instagram: hattemer.bilingue

Facebook: hattemer.bilingue

LinkedIn: hattemer


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T: +33 (0)1 84 74 37 12