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A Comprehensive Guide to Admissions


ICS Paris International School, nestled in the 15th district in Paris, is renowned for its commitment to educational excellence. Welcoming students from ages three to 18, the school follows closely the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, providing a unique blend of academic challenges and a nurturing environment. A warm welcome awaits all new students and their families when they join our international community here in the heart of Paris.



Admissions Process:


Embarking on the journey to enroll your child at ICS Paris is a straightforward and transparent process. The school is currently accepting applications across all classes. The admissions process is a four-step journey, ensuring a smooth transition for both the students and their families.

  1. Meet with Us:
    The first step involves a meeting with the school's admissions team. This interaction is an opportunity for families to gain insights into the school's values, facilities, and educational approach, and to tour the school either in person or virtually

  2. Apply for your Child’s Place:
    Following your visit to the school, if you wish to move forward with your child’s application, you are required to complete the online application and provide us with some essential information.. This includes academic reports, extracurricular achievements, English and French language levels, math levels and any other relevant information. ICS Paris values diversity and individuality, and every application is considered with the utmost care.

  3. Review by the Admissions Committee:
    The admissions committee, composed of experienced educators and administrators, meticulously reviews each application. This comprehensive assessment takes into account the academic history, personal attributes, and potential for growth of every applicant. The committee strives to create a diverse and inclusive student body, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and understanding.

  4. Secure Your Place:
    Following a successful review, families are invited to secure a place for their child at ICS Paris. This involves completing the necessary paperwork and fulfilling any administrative requirements. Our dedicated admissions team provides support and guidance at every stage, ensuring a seamless transition into the school.

Gabrielle, IBDP student at ICS Paris



Good news! Our application process for the 2024-2025 academic year is now open! You are welcome to contact the admission team to start the application, ensuring your child’s place for the upcoming academic year.

"The ICS Paris team guarantees you an easy and personal welcome. They're always available to discuss the daily life of your child.” - Mrs. Lofthouse, ICS Paris Parent 2024.

Mrs. Miyamae, Mom from ICS Paris


Discover how ICS Paris nurtures personalised learning in a caring environment. Meet our team now to explore the unique opportunities awaiting your child at ICS Paris. For more information and to start your journey with ICS Paris International School, visit our website at www.icsparis.fr

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