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A Y & J Solicitors is a London-based SRA regulated Immigration Solicitor firm. We are passionate about meeting the immigration needs of both corporate and individual clients with consistent excellence. Our core values of honesty, passion, credibility, belief in continuous improvement and best customer service are reflected in everything we do.

A Y & J Solicitors is multiple award-winning organisation. We are equally proud of our overall trust rating of 9.8 out of 10.0 on the independent rating platform Trustpilot. Our clients consistently refer to our expertise in UK immigration law, our ability to provide bespoke service to each case, and our excellence in achieving the best results for their immigration challenges.

We focus on providing right immigration solution that give our corporate clients the staffing and mobility they need to compete in their industries, and our individual clients the security to live, work in the UK and establish a life here for both them and their families. It is often the case that we can assist our clients in resolving the challenge before it become significant barrier. For those clients who come to us as a last resort, we work tirelessly to meet their needs up to and including Court cases.

A Y & J Solicitors is known for taking challenging and complex cases and finding creative solutions that always provide client-centred results. Contact us today for your UK immigration needs.

Corporate Immigration Service:

UK corporations are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain staffing levels in today’s challenging immigration climate. A Y & J Solicitors provides expertise, intervention, and ongoing support to these businesses. This includes applying for Sponsor Licences, completing RLMTs, establishing UKVI-compliant policies and procedures, conducting Right to Work checks, preparing for UKVI inspection visits, and creating a seamless immigration experience for incoming skilled foreign workers.

A Y & J Solicitors corporate immigration directory

Corporations facing suspensions, revocations, civil penalties, and possible loss of their Sponsor Licence also turn to the firm for assistance. The loss of skilled foreign workers can be devastating to a business. We work with these corporations to address their immediate UKVI challenges, and then establish right solutions that protect their workforce and provide them with the support they need to remain fully compliant with UKVI.

Businesses wishing to expand into the UK rely on our expertise as they navigate the immigration system and meet government requirements. We also work with business owners and employees requiring clearance to visit the UK on business-related matters. We are Commercial Partner of Department for International Trade (DIT) – Government Organisation.

Tier 1 Investor Visa Service:

The Tier 1 Investor visa is an exclusive UK program for high net worth individuals and their dependents who wish to live in the UK. A Y & J Solicitors provides bespoke representation for individuals and their families wishing to access this program. They enjoy the opportunity of living, working, and attending school in the UK, while investing in one of the world’s most desirable economies. Benefits of the Investor visa can include expedited Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement), citizenship, and a British passport.

A Y & J Solicitors corporate immigration directory

Strict guidelines pertaining to the investment funds must be followed, both during the application stage, and subsequent investments. Documentation requirements for the investor and all dependents are extensive. Investors appreciate the expertise, attention to detail, and swift action that our immigration team provides for obtaining this visa. Many choose to use our premium service option that allows for processing and identification requirements at minimal disruption to an investor’s schedule.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Service:

Overseas entrepreneurs can bring great benefits to the UK economy, but the visa process is complex and challenging. Our expert team works with each entrepreneur to prepare a strong application. Entrepreneurs wishing to begin a UK business need more than just funds and a business idea. They need to create an application that shows their expertise in their industry, their ability to set up and operate a business, secure funds for operations, and English proficiency. In addition to this, they need to pass the subjective Genuine Entrepreneur Test before receiving a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.

A Y & J Solicitors corporate immigration directory

Once an entrepreneur has succeeded in receiving their visa, they need to meet minimum criteria to qualify for an extension and receive permission to continue to live and work in the UK. A Y & J Solicitors works with entrepreneurs in all stages of their UK immigration. From initial application to extension our expert team helps make dreams of a UK business a reality for many.

Tier 4 General Student Visa:

A Tier 4 Student Visa is required for any individual from outside the EU wishing to pursue education in the UK. Many foreign students spend years preparing and studying so they can fulfil their dream of being accepted into one of the UK’s world-renowned universities. But the reality of student visa refusals can end these dreams in short order.

A Y & J Solicitors works with prospective students to prepare strong applications, so they can receive approval to study in the UK. We confirm their study requirements and the qualifications of their potential university, review their documentation for accuracy, advise on UKVI guidelines for financial resources, work with those who will have dependents joining them, and take the stress and worry out of applying for a student visa. We also assist educational organisations with all aspects of UK immigration, so they can support international students and access international talent.

A Y & J Solicitors corporate immigration directory

A Y & J Solicitors corporate immigration directory

Dependent Visa:

One of the most rewarding aspects of immigration law is bringing families together. The Dependent Visa allows children, a spouse/partner to join their family member living in the UK. However, requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, and applications are denied frequently.

We work with applicants to prepare and submit strong applications for dependent visas. Many clients instruct us at the very beginning of the process and we are able to provide full support for a successful application. Others are already dealing with refusals when they first come to us. We work with these clients to evaluate their circumstances and determine the best solution to bring their family together. This can be a fresh application, but often refusals can be successfully challenged. We can proceed through the UK legal system as needed to ensure our client’s success. It is great seeing families reunited and beginning a safe and happy life together in the UK.

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