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Our students thrive in an international and bilingual (French-English) environment, underpinned by academic excellence and educational innovation. We believe that learning takes multiple forms and is enhanced by a variety of teaching approaches reinforced with responsible use of technology. Our committed and creative faculty employ methods inspired by the latest pedagogical research to help each student discover his or her own learning style, talents, and potential.

The Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill is a co-ed, non-selective school, fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education and a member of the AEFE network. It welcomes students aged three to 18, who benefit from a unique bilingual immersion programme starting in Pre-Reception, as well as the choice of two tracks in Secondary school leading to the French baccalauréat or the English-language International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma).

In the Early Years section, language immersion begins at 3 years old. Classes are taught jointly by native speakers of French and English, both present at all times — like two parents in a multilingual household. This more natural and organic approach to bilingualism is carried out by highly trained early learning specialists in a nurturing and family-like environment.


In the Primary section, instruction is half in English, half in French from Year 1/GSM to Year 6/CM2. Each class meets every day with French-speaking and English-speaking teachers, who coordinate as well with specialty teachers in subjects such as PE, language, and music.

In Secondary, families choose between the French bilingual program accredited by the Ministry of National Education, leading to the Baccalauréat, or an English-oriented track leading to the IB Diploma. The only constant is that education remains bilingual until the age of 18, steeped in the supportive atmosphere for which the Lycée is known.

A remarkable 100% of our graduating class in 2021 passed with excellent marks. Our IB Diploma school's average grade is 35.8/45, well above the world average of 33.02/45, and 88% of our French Baccalaureat students passed with honours, including 43% with highest honours.

Below are a few messages the school received:

“We were thrilled by our daughter’s excellent results in the IB!! She has met her conditions for her first choice and we are so happy for her.Thank you again for all your support!” (LIL parent)

“Thank you so much for your help throughout those two years for both my education and well-being!” (LIL student)

“Excellent results for our first cohort! They have set the bar high!” Our students can be proud of what they have accomplished!  (LIL teacher)

Unlike local schools teaching in a single language that can tie students to a national curriculum and restrict their future options elsewhere, Lycée Churchill offers programs that open educational avenues.

The school’s highly successful graduates are welcomed at leading universities in the UK, Canada, US, France, and elsewhere in Europe. Our experience with online education also lets us offer a range of short- and long-term remote learning opportunities

Our belief is that each student deserves the best possible education according to his or her needs, with the goal of achieving excellence in both intellectual and social endeavours. Learning should be a fulfilling and exciting experience, and a school should stimulate curiosity, imagination, critical thinking, and openness. Lycée Churchill encourages individual and collective initiatives that allow children to think positively about themselves and to recognise and value their own abilities and those of others.

Opening Minds classes are offered to all students from Year 7 to Year 10 (6ème to 3ème). The main goal of this unique programme is to go beyond the regular curriculum and offer a space to think deeply and critically on intellectual pursuits without worrying about grades. They are a way to expand students’ horizons and develop their appetite for learning.


We foster teamwork and a sense of solidarity within and outside the school, from collaboration and healthy competition in classrooms to volunteering and community engagement, both locally and globally. We welcome students, families, and employees from all backgrounds and cultures, respecting and celebrating their identities, lifestyles, preferences, and individual differences.

With students from 45 countries and teachers of 29 different nationalities, the Lycée offers an international environment where the diversity of families from cultures around the world encourages dialogue. Its modern teaching ethos combines traditional disciplines with initiative, exploration, critical thinking, teamwork, and personal development.

Students at Lycée Churchill are encouraged to develop the core values of integrity, creativity, courage, awareness, and respect with the ultimate aim of becoming active and principled members of global society. We believe that honesty is of paramount importance in building character, and we teach students to own their mistakes and learn from them, to embrace change, and to welcome life’s inevitable challenges.

A member of the prestigious Council of International Schools, as well as the Independent Schools Association and AEFE, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill has been rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted for its Sixth Form Provision and for Wellbeing and Personal Development.

Lycee Churchill takes full advantage of the latest educational technologies, which are thoughtfully and securely integrated into teaching and everyday school life. This solid digital foundation proved to be a major asset during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the Lycée pivoted seamlessly to online learning. The school now offers distance education programs and virtual classes for students joining our French programme leading to the Baccalauréat, a boon for families who are moving between assignments or looking for quality education from a remote setting.

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