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Welcome to Oxbridge Applications, where we take pride in being your premier destination for navigating the intricate admissions process for Oxford and Cambridge universities. With an illustrious 25-year history, we are a London-based industry-leader in UK university admissions services, guiding students through the nuanced journey of securing admissions to esteemed institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge. 

Our Services

Private Consultations

Embark on your academic journey with a Private Consultation, a one-hour working meeting where our expert consultants discuss an applicant’s goals, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and outlines the path ahead. These sessions can be held online or in our central-London offices, at a time designed to suit the client. Applicants may be accompanied by their parent/guardian, or may attend the session alone, and will receive detailed written feedback as well as resource recommendations following the consultation. This personalised meeting serves as the foundation for tailored guidance in any future courses conducted with Oxbridge Applications. Private Consultants can be booked via our website. Learn more about Oxbridge Private Consultations.

Premier Service

The Premier Service is our long-term offering, where applicants receive year-round support in all aspects of their university application. Each Premier Service client is paired with a Study Director (a member of our consultancy team) who oversees their course, recommending the correct courses according to the client’s needs, and hand-selecting the right tutors and mentors from our bank of Oxbridge-graduate specialists. Applicants considering the Premier Service should contact our team via the contact details (phone or email) below to discuss their situation and book an introductory Private Consultation. Discover the Premier Service.

Personal Statement Support Packages

Our consultants help promising applicants craft their Personal Statement, one of the most important aspects of the UK university application, to best demonstrate their skills and interests. These sessions feature a combination of face-to-face video meetings and offline editing sessions to ensure the Statement is well-crafted and Oxbridge-suitable before submission. Personal Statement Support Packages can be booked directly via our website. Explore our Personal Statement Packages.

Admissions Test Tutoring Packages

Our Admissions Test Support Packages are designed to give applicants much-needed experience with true-to-life mock admissions tests, of which many are bespoke tests written in-house, to build both their skills and confidence. Our tutors, all Oxbridge graduates, provide targeted guidance and preparation through a number of sessions as required by the applicant. Our most popular packages are booked in sets four or six hour-long sessions. Admissions Test Packages can be booked by enquiring with our consultancy team via the contact details below or on our website, and are usually set up within five working days of enquiry. Browse Admissions Test Tutoring Packages.

Mock Interview Packages

Mock Interview Packages target the most notorious, and perhaps most important, aspect of the Oxford and Cambridge admissions process. Our Mock Interviews are conducted by mentors, all of whom have attended Oxford or Cambridge in the relevant subject area themselves, with personal experience and a deep knowledge of Oxbridge-style interviewing. These sessions may be conducted online or in our central London offices, and are booked in bundles of two or four hour-long meetings to suit the applicant’s needs and timings. Interview Packages can be booked directly via our website (for online interviews) or by getting in touch via the contact details below (in-person interviews). Read more about Interview Packages on our website.

Our Heritage and Expertise

A Legacy of Excellence

Oxbridge Applications, with a quarter-century heritage, has been at the forefront of academic consultancy. Our enduring commitment to excellence is reflected in the success stories of countless students who have walked through our doors.

All Tutors, Mentors, and Consultants Graduated from Oxford or Cambridge

Our team comprises distinguished alumni of Oxford or Cambridge. This ensures that the guidance you receive is not only rooted in academic excellence but also enriched by an intimate understanding of the Oxbridge experience.

Central London Offices

Conveniently located in Central London, our offices serve as hubs for in-person Private Consultations and mock interview packages. This face-to-face connection adds a personal touch to our services, ensuring that your needs are met with the utmost attention.

Online Resources

In addition to the offerings above, Oxbridge Applications is constantly writing and updating free resources on all aspects of the UK university admissions landscape. Explore our free resources:

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