SIAL-school-large1 is the only English/Italian School in the UK delivering a bilingual education to children aged 3 to 11.

Based in Holland Park, London our school opened its doors in September 2010.

At your child will learn not only to speak but also to read and write two languages, gain valuable knowledge of another culture and way of life, and have broader opportunities when it comes to choosing further education.

  • With small classes and a bespoke approach, our nursery and primary school are recognised by both the British and Italian governments and integrate the Italian Curriculum with the British education system
  • welcomes families of all nationalities who appreciate the advantages of a bilingual and bicultural education which prepares their children to embrace the world with open minds and curiosity

Choosing a primary school can be an exciting yet daunting task.

It’s a decision that will have a strong impact on your child’s life, both in terms of short-term happiness and long-term wellbeing.

What makes so special, it is not only our unique bilingual curriculum but also the caring and supportive learning environment we offer.

  • In our small classes students are encouraged to fulfil their personal and academic potential working with a personalised set of objectives.

  • Children are given the opportunity to test and develop their talents across a broadly based and academically stimulating curriculum that promotes intellectual, artistic, aesthetic, physical and social development.
  • For children needing extra support in either of the two languages, we provide additional sessions with specialist Italian/English as an additional language teachers and teaching assistants.

  • The health and wellbeing of our pupils is paramount - social and emotional competence is developed and reinforced as much as academic skills
  • Our Wellbeing Programme is integrated into our pupils’ lives and we have a full-time Wellbeing Supervisor on site


Admissions are open throughout the year for entry into any year group - we will support your child to ensure a smooth transition from other schools and school systems.

Music, Art, Drama

Music is a huge part of our school life and is taught by a specialist teacher as a class subject to every child from Nursery.
From Year 1 we also offer individual tuition on a variety of instruments, such as piano, violin, recorder, flute and guitar.

Through musical activities the children develop the confidence to express their creativity, empathy and personality.

Classroom activities focus on performing, listening and learning about the key elements of music.

Art is taught by a specialist teacher.

Children of all year groups are exposed to a wide variety of materials and techniques in order to give them the opportunity to discover their potential whilst having a lot of fun! Projects are structured to allow children of varying abilities to be confident and create art of which they can be proud.

The main objective is for the children to acquire practical skills, develop a love of creating and to learn to feel at ease with expressing their own creativity and individuality.

Drama is an integral part of the school curriculum and is taught from Reception to the end of Primary School by a specialist teacher.

In order  to best serve the children’s ongoing development and to provide fertile foundations for whichever life they ultimately pursue, the emphasis here is on enjoyment, team work and developing skills that provide fulfillment, promote self-confidence and discipline and enrich each child’s appreciation for the magic and potential of their imaginations.


Our school offers a unique curriculum preparing pupils to continue their educational journey in the UK, in Italy or in international schools with remarkable results.

All our Y6 pupils who took the 11+ exams in 2021 passed them successfully and have been accepted by their first choice school, among which Francis Holland Regent’s Park, Queen’s Gate School and Maida Vale School.

One among them was offered scholarships for academic excellence by two of the schools to which she applied.




We couldn't be more impressed and frankly proud of how quickly and seamlessly transitioned to online learning last year and again in January when schools closed in England. The teachers and the staff did a wonderful job ensuring the children were continuing to learn, staying connected, and maintaining a healthy school routine and schedule. Being able to engage daily with her teachers and classmates, even if in a virtual classroom environment, has definitely made staying at home so much easier for our daughter (and for us all).
Y6 parent

We chose purely because of its bilingual curriculum: it is the only school in the UK merging the objectives of the English and Italian educational systems, giving the best of both. As Italians we would like our child to be able not only to speak the language, but to read and write in Italian and be immersed in the Italian culture. At the same time we would like for him to develop and nurture his British identity and this school is the perfect environment in which to do so. We couldn't be happier with our choice. 
Y2 parent

We can never repay the gratitude we feel towards for the care and education the staff provided to our child. His great successes have in large part been because of this incredible school. The individual attention given to each child is huge and is key to identifying and developing talents and strengths. Our son left academically prepared, but more importantly, imbued with the school’s values and ready to take on new challenges with self-confidence and resilience. He is now attending an outstanding secondary school, benefiting from a scholarship granted for academic excellence, but he still looks back at his time at with joy and gratitude. 
Alumnus’s Parent


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