RBK International Academy

RBK International Academy : Preparing Students for Success in a Changing World

RBKIA is an IB continuum world school established in 2007 along with the Cambridge IGCSE option in grade 9 & 10, thus offering the widest possible pathway for world class education in an enriching and stimulating learning environment with the teaching faculty drawn from across the globe.

RBK International Academy

A Mission-Led Institution

RBK International Academy was established in 2007 with a vision to educate global citizens who have the mindset to co-operate with the International community to make this world a better place through skills of creative thinking and problem solving. The school aims at shaping individuals who will work diligently for conservation of the environment and for the progress of scientific knowledge that benefits mankind. At the school, in addition to academic excellence, the students will gain in life skills such as effective communication and co-operative team work. They will be independent, original thinkers with problem- solving abilities so as to contribute positively to the country and the world.

IB & IGCSE Curriculum

IBDP (Completed 2 programme evaluations in 2018)
PYP (Completing 2 programme evaluations in 2018)
MYP (Completed 1 programme evaluations in 2017)
IGCSE (Authorized in 2007)

International education curriculum is relevant to the development of 21st century skills which include critical thinking skills, creative thinking and global literacy. This makes the student ready particularly for overseas colleges and universities and future ready for professions and entrepreneurship. They are taught to be independent learners hence they can exercise their choice not just in subject selection but also in the research assessment and projects which they may choose to do such as personal projects in MYP, extended essay in DP and internal assessments/coursework in IBDP/MYP/IGCSE.

Moving Beyond Textual Knowledge

In international schools such as RBK International Academy, academics and development of socio emotional skills and humanistic values are not stand alone areas instead are interwoven into each other in order that it is more meaningful and relevant to the students. Further, the so called co-curricular activities like music, sports, theatre, dance and art are distinct subject areas which can be taken up to grade 12. Hence, subject choices are wide in order to cater to the holistic development of the students.

RBK International Academy

Mindfulness, grooming and personality development programmes involve professionals from these areas. There are also different experiential programmes for service, adventure, outdoor learning and cultural exchange.

The school believes that teachers have a role to play in passing on good values to the next generation. For this, two kinds of moral education are provided - The first is moral formation in students and cultivating the intentions, feelings and habits of moral subscription. This involves giving children moral guidance and rewarding them for doing right. From the experience of having their behavior regulated, children learn to self- regulate. The second kind is moral inquiry and engaging children in discussion and justification of moral values. It is vital that children come to understand what morality is and why it demands the things it does.

The Sporting Spirit

The need of physical education and fitness for children has never been more important. RBK International Academy has incorporated Yoga in the school's curriculum. It helps in contributing to not only the physical development of the child but has a positive impact on psychosocial and mental development as well. The younger students are introduced to yoga through fun and informal ways using comic books but the children in higher classes learn the yoga asanas in detail which helps them manage stress better, improve concentration and enhance creativity.

RBK International Academy

Awards & Accolades

British Council: International School Awards 2017-20 for "Outstanding Development of The International Dimension in the Curriculum"

Future 50: Top %) Schools in India (International Curriculum)

Mid-day: Excellence in Diverse and Holistic Curriculum, Central Mumbai 2018

India Today: Excellence in Innovation in Education 2017

Times of India: 2nd rank in International Curriculum (Zone C) 2017

Infrastructural Facilities

RBKIA upholds the adage 'Reach beyond Knowing' by providing infrastructure for holistic and authentic learning such as:

  • 4 well-equipped science labs, 2 Computer Science labs and a Math lab. 
  • A well-stocked information and resource center with more than 10,000 books. 
  • Auditorium, 2 music studios, dance studio, 2 music studios, 2 art studios and a drama studio. 
  • State of the art infrastructure with Wi-Fi enabled campus.
  • Playground comprising of football field, cricket pitches, skating ring, lawn tennis and basketball court.

For sports activities and to encourage healthy competition, the students are distributed into 4 houses and the attributes for the best all-round house includes the following:

Major games: drill & fitness, football, cricket, athletics, march past, basketball and tug of war.

Minor games: table tennis, badminton, tennis and carrom.

Co-curricular activities: elocution, debates, MUN, dance, music and drama. Sports as a subject area in PYP/MYP and can take PE in IGCSE too as a subject.

RBK International Academy

RBK International Academy

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