The Alice Smith School

An Innovative Approach to British Education Fosters Development of the Whole-Child

A British education from Alice Smith School has a reputation for quality that is recognised and respected around the world. For over seven decades, we have been providing an outstanding international education in Malaysia with its ethos encapsulated in the richness of our diverse and caring school community.

An Alice Smith education supports mastery of subject matter, liberated by independent thought and brought to life through self-confidence, collaboration and creative thinking. It is a challenging academic curriculum enriched with character development designed to help young people flourish academically and personally.


Inspiring a Love of Learning Through Collaborative Teaching

Teaching and learning methods are evolving, with group projects, peer-to-peer learning and blended and interactive approaches common. Learning spaces are designed to be flexible and versatile with mobile and adaptable furniture, encouraging and enabling collaboration, communication and teamwork. 

The school environment is rich in technology with easy access to the internet, digital resources and social media. Alice Smith utilises the power of Google Suite for Education across both Windows and Mac platforms to provide tailored learning opportunities for our students. 


Classrooms and their surrounding areas support teachers moving among students to provide real-time feedback and direction, and to support peer-to-peer learning, adapt to pedagogies and learning preferences and create an active and engaging experience for learners and teachers.

Curiosity is encouraged to help students make meaningful connections. Producing and asking questions allows students to think divergently and critically about what they are learning - in many different directions. Students learn to ask better questions and are able to recognise the importance of the process of problem solving.

An Innovative Approach to Learning Fosters Development of Essential Skills 

The essential skills of critical thinking (finding solutions to problems), creativity (thinking outside the box), collaboration (working with others) and communication (talking to others) are central to learning and teaching, along with information literacy (understanding facts, figures, statistics and data), media (understanding the methods and outlets in which information is published) and technology.


Life skills such as flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity and relationship building are developed alongside character education for resiliency and perseverance, self-discipline and diligence as well as integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship.

Teachers and their Commitment to Professional Growth

At Alice Smith, we are committed to the professional growth of our teachers. They learn in peer partnerships, share professional readings, hold discussions based on action research, participate in peer observations and collaboratively plan, teach and reflect upon lessons. 

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced and through their professional development (CPD) are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve the outcomes for our students. 

Over 80% of our teachers are British and they stay with us for 6 years on average. Our CPD programme makes them feel valued and helps us attract and retain the best teachers from the UK, ensuring our excellence in teaching and learning is maintained and enhanced.

Sharing and Learning Together to Build Community Engagement

Family engagement remains critical to student achievement at school and is a key feature of the culture at Alice Smith School. Creating a partnership between schools and parents has a significant impact on student achievement and restores parents’ confidence in their children’s education.

The workshops that are held for parents support positive parental engagement in their child’s achievement, success and wellbeing in school. They cover a broad range of educational areas and are lead by staff, visiting experts or special guests. 

The Alice Smith School is a vibrant, thriving, engaged and forward-thinking learning community and our students and teachers share a love of learning and thrive from their positive and enriching experience with us.



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