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Founded in 1967, The Lab School works with students with language based learning differences such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. The Lab School comprises two distinct programs: our brick and mortar program for those living in the DC Metro area, and our virtual program for those living outside of the DC Metro area - our fully accredited Global Division.  

The Lab School’s Global Division provides our unique, highly specialized approach to learning to children living anywhere around the globe!  Currently, our Global Division is designed for students in grades three through six (approximately children age 8 to 12) with mild to moderate language-based learning needs such as dyslexia.  We know that providing targeted, daily, systematic instruction at this critical age allows children with language based learning differences to narrow the academic gap between them and their peers.

Watch the webinar, Learning Differences: Virtual School Options, with Amy Oswalt, Head of Global Division and Director of Innovation, The Lab School of Washington

Student at The Lab School

Students with language based learning differences need explicit instruction in the academic basics because this learning is foundational for all future learning.  Teaching our Global Division students the core academic skills they need to move on to the next step of their educational journey is our top priority.

A student at The Lab School

Students in the Global Division are provided with three hours of live, synchronous instruction in reading, mathematics, and writing provided by experienced online teachers with expertise in learning differences.  Students then may choose to round out their students’ academic day with asynchronous classes from the Lab School or in concert with a dual enrollment program.

Our daily, synchronous classes are organized in small groups of three to five students to allow for personalized instruction.  We focus on developing a toolbox of skills and self-advocacy strategies to enhance success in any educational setting.  Our immersion in the arts encourages students to discover new ways to process and express their ideas and show their competencies. They learn to use their minds to full advantage.

Students with language based learning differences need to learn both academic and self advocacy skills.  For many of our Global Division students, feeling safe and happy in school is a new and welcome experience. When our students learn how their brains work and begin to understand the ways they learn best, they become deeply involved in their education. We view our students as unique individuals and help them discover how they learn best. We integrate the most effective teaching strategies and cutting-edge research to help our students achieve their goals. Global Division students are totally immersed in learning; they are active players. Our online classes are full of energy and excitement, hard work, laughter, and thoughtful discussions. 

And because we greatly value the personal relationships that develop among teachers and classmates, we ensure that relationships are an integral part of the learning experience.  In fact, this is what really makes our virtual program stand out: our children learn with each other - they love being in small groups with other students.  They master new skills for learning and discover their personal pathway to success within an environment that supports curiosity, creativity, and the joy of learning for its own sake. 

Our Global Division students feel confident enough to take risks in front of other students. This confidence transfers to other areas of our students’ lives. Our Global Division students round out their academic day in one of two ways.  In the first option, students work on asynchronous assignments created and curated by our Global Division faculty.  In the second option, students attend a local brick and mortar school (either private or public) for the afternoon portion of their school day. 

Enrollment in the Global Division also allows our students and their families to pursue other areas of interest.  Evenings can be for family dinners and outside of school activities again.  Since the Global Division’s instruction is personalized for our students, our students do not have to spend time in the evening being tutored or completing homework.  Our students have more time outside of school to pursue other passions.

The Lab School Global Division believes your child is capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. Our student driven curriculum is multisensory, experiential, and progressively rigorous. Our students learn to view a single topic from different perspectives through primary source research, expressive writing, hands-on projects, and arts media. They see how the concepts they study in class contribute to their knowledge of the world around them. When students become engaged, start asking questions, dive deeply into the subject matter, and begin to discover answers on their own, they gain ownership of their ideas.

In the Global Division, our students find their tribe.  Our students are with other students who learn differently and are taught by teachers who understand them and how they process information. As a result, learning differences are not burdens that create anxiety. Success in school does not need to depend on many hours of tutoring after school. Teachers get to know each child quickly and insightfully. They know how to unleash a child’s capacity and passion for knowledge. Individual attention, recognition, and reinforcement give learners the extra support they need to succeed.       

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