Concordia International School Shanghai

In all that we do, Concordia aims to open doors of possibility. Qualified and experienced teachers partner with engaged parents to cultivate the best outcomes for each student. Our caring and connected community creates the ideal foundation for the entire family's success. You belong here.

Concordia International School Shanghai is a comprehensive day school for students aged 3 to 18, located on a 10-acre campus in the heart of Jinqiao—one of Shanghai's largest international communities. Known as the "green city," with its many open green spaces and family-oriented amenities, Jinqiao is a destination for expatriate families from around the world.

Concordia International School Shanghai

The school is recognized for its dedication to academic excellence and for providing well-developed sports, arts, service and cultural learning programs. Our caring, passionate and award-winning faculty deliver a best-in-class American curriculum and pioneer programs that guide individual students toward life success— no matter how they define it.

Concordia International School Shanghai

Life Success Starts with Concordia

Whether they are the youngest learners or soon-to-be graduates, Concordia students apply their learning to real-life challenges. Employing an applied-learning approach in purpose-built learning spaces, our passionate and talented teachers create and deliver authentic learning experiences that engage students and impact their lives forever.

Concordia has some of the most caring and qualified teachers I have ever met. They set high standards for their students but also dedicate a lot of time to helping students succeed.
–Concordia Class of 2013 graduate

Concordia International School Shanghai

Start Your Journey in a Nurturing Environment

Rather than simply focusing on the development of a student's intellect, we strive to develop the whole student in a unique global perspective. Encouraging fair play, good character and a heart for service is an important aspect of our holistic approach to education. And we believe a child's education is a team effort among the parents, the student and the school. All parties work together to prepare students for their future.

Our family love Concordia dearly... in particular, my daughter. She receives great support, love and care from teachers and staff to excel in her education as well as help her grow into a good person. I'm confident she will maintain the core values Concordia helped her develop.
–Concordia parent, Thailand

Concordia International School Shanghai

Embrace Community at Concordia

Through a culture of involvement and interaction, our families connect. The diverse community, representing nearly thirty different nationalities, is proud to call Concordia home. The school, grounded in Christian values, is welcoming and supportive, allowing students and families to successfully transition to their new environment.

We were worried about moving half a world away from our family and friends. But we felt welcomed and from day one. The boys have met and interacted with kids from all over the world. I had no idea the ease with which you can make new friends and establish a support system here in Shanghai.
-Concordia parent, USA

Concordia International School Shanghai

Concordia International School Shanghai—providing academic excellence, unlikely opportunity, and vibrant community, all in your own backyard.

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