NatWest Global Employee Banking

Banking in the UK made easy for your internationally mobile staff

NatWest Global Employee Banking is a specialist department within NatWest, established over 20 years ago, working with company HR functions and relocation agencies, offering a streamlined account opening service for relocating employees.

NatWest Global has long standing relationships with many multinational organisations, including many blue chip corporations. The organisation does not need to bank with NatWest to use our service.

Accounts available

NatWest Global Employee Banking can help internationally mobile staff to establish a UK bank account as quickly and easily as possible – often before they even arrive in the UK.

There are 2 account options:

1. A UK Select account – held in the UK
2. A Global Select account – held with the Bank's offshore office in Jersey, Channel Islands

NatWest Global Employee Banking will assist with the set up of a sterling bank account, which allows employees to receive their salary, have access to mobile and online banking and use of a debit card as standard with both account options. Minimum criteria apply and are clearly shown on our website There is a list showing the features and benefits of each account on the website.

Benefits to your organisation

• Streamlines the account opening process for your internationally mobile staff
• Provides you with the comfort of having a point of contact within a small specialist team who have many years experience in assisting relocating employees
• As an employer your only commitment is to provide a letter of introduction confirming basic information. The wording will be provided to you, together with details of how to provide this, at the time your company first uses our service.
• There are no fees for using the NatWest Global Employee Banking service

Benefits to your employees

• Access to a specialist team who will provide guidance and support throughout the process of opening an account in the UK
• Opportunity to have a telephone appointment to discuss the account options and application process
• The option in many cases to open an account before their arrival in the UK
• The opportunity to open a joint account with their spouse/partner even if the second party is not yet working in the UK
• Access to online and mobile banking, together with a debit card, as standard
• No fees to use the NatWest Global Employee Banking service
• Once NatWest Global Employee Banking have opened the account, the employee will be given the details of the teams who can assist them with any of their future banking needs.

If you would like to learn more around the service provided by NatWest Global Employee Banking or you have any questions please get in touch, where I shall be pleased to help.

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