Institut Montana Zugerberg

About the school

The school was founded by Dr Max Husmann in 1926 and is located on the beautiful Zugerberg mountain in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, only 45 minutes from Zurich. Institut Montana Zugerberg has traditionally embraced the exchange between Swiss and international cultures, and our fundamental philosophy of “Caring for the Learner - Fostering the Character - Building a Community” has been treasured since the school’s foundation.

Institut Montana Zugerberg

Through engagement with our Swiss and international school body, students learn to become respectful and successful global citizens. Humanistic principles underlie the development of personal talents and leadership skills. Individual attention is maintained through small class sizes and personal contact, allowing our students’ particular talents to flourish and instilling in each student a sense of responsibility and purpose. A special value is placed on the teaching of languages and the meeting of cultures. A Montana student develops as a member of a Swiss and international community, and creates life-long friendships catalysed by the school’s familial atmosphere.

Institut Montana Zugerberg

Academic Offer

Our education programmes are fully accredited at the highest international standards and recognised by institutions of higher education in Switzerland and worldwide.

Institut Montana Zugerberg

Bilingual Elementary School

We offer an immersive bilingual education programme in German and English based on the curriculum of the Canton of Zug. Our students take advantage of individualised support, around-the-clock care, and a unique afternoon activities programme, also open to the students.

Swiss Gymnasium

With 75 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive and balanced six-year education leading to the federally recognised Matura exam. Our German and bilingual Matura programmes serve as excellent preparation for university studies. With a Swiss Matura, students have access to Swiss Universities without further test procedures.

Institut Montana Zugerberg
Institut Montana Zugerberg

International School

An official IB World School since 1987, our comprehensive six-year programme leads to the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Our experience in academic excellence allows us ideally to prepare students for success at world-renowned international universities.

Our key strength is an individualised and personalised approach to learning. Through small class sizes (of maximally 15 students) and personal mentoring, we ensure our students reach their full potential, and become well-rounded and successful members of society. We offer daily supervised homework support and private lessons; our college counsellor supports our students applying to leading universities worldwide.

Extra-curricular Activities

Our students can choose from a wide range of extracurricular activities—both on and off campus. Comprising sport, creativity and culture, and therefore fostering a balanced and active lifestyle, our activities programme includes American Football, Fencing, Tennis, Cross-Country/Alpine Skiing, Ice-Hockey, Sledging, Cultural Trips, Instrumental & Vocal Tuition and Theatre & Musical Productions.

Our activities programme facilitates team building and teaches confidence, responsibility and time management. It serves to create a balance and break from academic study and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Students discover their strengths, learn people skills, develop their self-esteem, and of course, have fun.

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