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The British School System is complicated and most families need guidance and support in choosing the right school for their child and to gain entry.  The team at Janie Richardson School Search provide families with honest, unbiased advice to make informed decisions at every stage.

 ·  Complete confidentiality
 ·  Bespoke and tailor made school support
 ·  Transparent fee structure and packages

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Understanding the pressures of a relocation 

Relocating families can be a stressful experience, often juggling pressures associated with new work environments alongside finding and moving to a new home in an unfamiliar location.  Finding a suitable school or nursery and then competing for a place can often add to the pressure for parents and children.

At Janie Richardson School Search, we combine over 40 years experience of UK education – and recognise the complexities alongside increasing competition for limited school places. We understand the importance to families of making the right educational choices and ensuring a child’s specific requirements are fully considered during any relocation.  The absolute priority for all our searches is to ensure a child’s contentment throughout.

We offer dedicated personal support to help you navigate through the range of available schooling options primarily British but also American and International schools.  Offering clear informed advice, we guarantee optimal decisions are made that are right for your child.

Our aim is to ensure a family’s educational requirements are considered in full, and to the extent required, are able to fully manage the process on your behalf through our experienced consultants. We understand and continue to research the evolving options available when choosing a British education. We also provide clients with security that the very best choices are identified at each stage.

Established relationships with many of London’s top property search companies further enables us to recommend accurate options for home searches depending on location and school catchment areas.

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Take the next steps with us

Understanding that every family’s circumstances are unique we offer full flexibility to clients and as such, our bespoke support can be structured to suit your requirements. From advisory level through to a complete managed school search packages we are able to provide the level of assistance you and your family require.

Support Options:

 ·  Initial Consultation
 ·  Educational mapping
 ·  Educational Assessments
 ·  Detailed list of schools
 ·  School Visits
 ·  Admissions and registration
 ·  Post placement support

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Preparation maximises success

Janie Richardson School Search recognises the importance of assessing children early to ensure appropriate educational choices are made.  Preparing to gain entry into UK schools requires time, energy and dedication.  By fully understanding your child’s abilities and needs we are able to prepare detailed educational plans and shortlist best-fit schooling options.  We are here to support and guide our clients through the entire process.

We have increasingly identified a need amongst the families we work alongside, to prepare and encourage children to maximize their performance during challenging entrance assessments for prospective schools in the UK.

Working closely with the experience offered at our sister company, Yellowbird Education, we are confident that we are able to provide families with exceptional preparation support as and when required. With extensive knowledge of the changing exam structures, Yellowbird Education offers advice to children preparing for 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ independent school entrance exams.

Just some of the areas where support is offered:

  ·  Specialist Assessments
  ·  Interview Preparation
  ·  Exam Preparation
  ·  English Skills
  ·  Exam Practice Papers
  ·  Handwriting 

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“Janie helped us demystify the British school system and gave us clear focus.  Her assessment and insights have been the single biggest influence on my daughter’s selection into our school of choice in the UK.”

Mrs K Agarwal, Singapore.

Janie Richardson really took the stress out of moving to a new city.  We were completely ignorant of the education system in the UK, and more specifically, the hothouse of London schooling.  Janie’s contacts into all of London’s top schools meant we were able to quickly establish a shortlist of schools within the areas we were hoping to live.”

Mike & Amanda, Australia.

“Janie is the smartest and most reliable educational consultant in London.  She provided us with helpful advice about the education system and how it works.  Janie found the best school for my son in Central London.”

Mrs Shin, New York.

I am delighted with the news of our daughter joining one of the UK’s top boarding schools.  Honestly thankful to Janie for guiding us to this marvelous institution with a lot of history and great reputation.”

Mr & Mrs S, New Delhi.

To find out more about how we can support your relocation needs, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7731 0695 or email janie@jrschoolsearch.co.uk


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