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Paragon Relocation is the premier partner of choice in the global relocation management industry, providing thought leadership, innovative programs, value-added support and superior customer service to our clients and the families we relocate. True to its consulting origins, Paragon distinguishes itself by leveraging policy and program design to achieve cost savings, increased management capability and higher employee satisfaction for its clients. Paragon Relocation has been providing relocation services for more than 25 years and offers services in 150 countries.

At Paragon, we value our clients and strive to create not just business relationships, but true partnerships forged out of mutual respect, a shared set of values and a unified vision for the future. Our approach puts our clients first, ahead of all else, and ensures that we provide them the services they need, while also removing the burden of managing an increasingly complex process. Paragon then customizes its solutions to fit each client's specific needs and industry; plus, when it makes sense, we will provide on-site resources to better support all client locations. Because we're not the largest company in the relocation industry, Paragon can afford to hold up every client as a top priority. That's why we say we "Make Lives Easier" for our clients.

Paragon pioneered many relocation approaches considered best practices today. Operating as an independent company since 1991, Paragon's President and CEO has worked in the relocation business for more than 35 years. We know relocation and what it takes to create effective policies. Paragon also has years of experience implementing relocation programs for companies both large and small. While we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service, it is our experience and expertise that attracts many companies to Paragon. We are "The Experts You Can Trust," and we combine our expertise with absolute commitment, a focus on excellence and continuous innovation to deliver consistent results and often significant cost savings too.

Working with a global relocation management company that can provide expertise and guidance is important; however, so is your provider's depth of services. At Paragon, we offer services that encompass the entire relocation program and process from beginning to end; starting with policy and pre-decision consulting and ending with successful transfers or assignments. Paragon is a single-source solution for all your relocation-related needs including: 1) Global Mobility Consulting Services, 2) Domestic Relocation Services, 3) International Relocation Services, 4) Global Assignment Services, 5) Worldwide Destination Services, 6) Group Move Management, 7) Mortgage Services, and 8) Visa & Immigration Services.

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