Shanghai American School

What You Should Know

Simply put, Shanghai American School (SAS) is the kind of school you wish you would've attended when you were a kid. We offer our students a challenging academic curriculum that helps pave a path to top universities around the world. We have over 150 activities, award-winning clubs, and trophy-collecting sports teams. And as a nonprofit, all our revenue goes into making the school even better, resulting in dynamic learning environments that are at university level.

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Inside our Classrooms

At SAS, we offer students a strong academic program driven by the school’s mission and core values. From elementary school onward, SAS’ balanced approach to teaching and learning helps students develop 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication – all in a dynamic learning environment. This approach results in students who are confident, empowered, and globally aware citizens of the world.

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Outside our Classrooms

At Shanghai American School, it’s academics first. But not academics only. We believe a well-balanced, whole-person education is the best way to prepare our students for the future. To support this belief, we offer over 150 after school activities for students of all ages, from grade 1 through grade 12.

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Beyond our Classrooms

“American” may be our middle name, but we are truly an international community. As such, much of the learning at SAS extends outside the classroom and into the region. Our students travel throughout Asia for a week during China Alive; they travel to Jingdezhen to study the ancient craft of Chinese pottery in the place where it all began; they support schools in Africa; they live for a month in a village of Southwest China while continuing their studies; and they travel to Malaysia to study the health of coral. Their experiences outside the classroom walls encourages collaboration, problem solving and teamwork which will serve them well, long after they depart SAS.

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After SAS

At SAS, we believe the secret to a successful life isn’t a child’s diploma – it’s the child. That’s why our counselors work closely with students throughout their time here, to assure each graduate finds a path that’s right for them. Sure, some of our seniors head off to Ivy League schools. (At least nine acceptances per year since 2009.) But all find rewarding destinations. Some end up at the world’s top design schools, or at the best liberal arts colleges, or at one of the ancient universities in the UK. Others ended up forgoing college altogether to start their own businesses, study French cuisine, or establish their own NGO. Once our students graduate from SAS, one thing is certain: A lot of options lie ahead.

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Oh so much more…

It’s hard to capture everything that makes SAS a special place. We haven’t even covered the swimming pools, the maker spaces, the design studios, the recording booths, the libraries so vast, they contain the largest collection of English language books in all of China.

All things considered, perhaps it’s best if you just come visit. And see if “the kind of school you wish you would’ve attended when you were a kid” can be the right school for your child.

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Visit Website

Puxi (West) Campus:
26 Jinfeng Road, Huacao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, China 201107

Pudong (East) Campus:
1600 Lingbai Road, Sanjiagang, Shanghai Links Executive Community, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China 201201

T: +86 6221 1445