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Week 1 Events

Introduction to Great Education & Schools’ Fair - watch the playback video

International schools’ innovation & response to the Covid pandemic - watch the playback video

Raising Global Teens - watch the playback video

Week 2 Events 

Knowing the Score: Unlock Potential and Build Resilience - watch the playback video

Future Fit Global Talent Mobility - watch the playback video

A New Job Title for Global Mobility Professionals with Strategic Responsibility with Dr Sue Shortland. 

Focusing on the family: policy issues in the Covid-19 era, with Dr Sue Shortland and Paul Williamson.

Why transition care matters in schools - watch the playback video

Week 3 Events 

Nov Transition-care in International Schools: Research Findings webinar  - watch the playback video

The Bridge School - A Fully Online Education webinar - watch the playback video

The Making of Us: Why Schools matter and the Single Sex or Co-ed debate

What to Look for in a School in the Middle East, Africa and Europe


Educating Global Citizens: The Opportunities and Challenges in Asia

Week 4 Events 

Focus on schools in France and a French education

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