Intermark Report: Russia introduces new consular visa fees

Intermark Relocation Services report on the changes to Russian visa fees for foreign nationals.

Intermark Relocation Services new visa fee for foreign nationals report
New consular fee rates charged for issuance of Russian visas to foreign nationals became effective February 2019.

Which law introduces the changes?

Order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia No. 24320 dated 17.12.2018 (On approval of the unified method of calculating consular fees)

What are the changes?

The MFA of Russia has changed the method of calculating consular fees charged for issuance of Russian visas. The fee rates no longer depend on the country hosting a particular consulate and, accordingly, are the same all over the world.New fee rates are given in the table below:
Number of entriesConsular fee, USD
4-20 business days3 business days
  • The given fee rates do not include service fees charged by visa centres
  • The new rates do not apply to nationals of EU countries (except the UK and Ireland) as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Japan and China who enjoy reduced fee rates set by international agreements
  • The fees charged from U.S. nationals may be increased to match those typically charged for issuance of similar American visas to Russian nationals

Who is affected?

Foreign nationals who apply for Russian visas.This news alert was prepared by Intermark Relocation Services the immigration and relocations service provider.  For more information, please, contact